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Heartfelt CD supports meaningful causes
Feb. 21, 2011

Proceeds from donations support local food shelf and an international ministry

By Jennifer Kotila
Staff Writer

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – When Sheldon Hedin of Dassel, and Janet Moberg of Cokato, recorded their first-ever CD, they had no intention of making a profit.

Instead, they wanted to create the CD so they could share their talent and their love of old-time hymns with others, while supporting a couple of their favorite causes.

“I have been prodding Sheldon to get going and record a CD before my hands and his voice give out,” Moberg said.

Hedin, who sings, and Moberg, who plays piano, began making music together more than five years ago.

They get together five to six times a year, bringing their music to various places such as area churches and nursing homes, including Lakeside Healthcare Center in Dassel and Park View Care Center in Buffalo.

Many community members will also recognize Hedin for offering his talents at numerous funerals throughout the area.

“I like singing, and I am thankful for the gifts that God has given Janet and me,” Hedin said.

Hedin has a very low voice, and many songs are written in a key that is too high for him. Moberg is able to bring the key down low enough for him to sing, he said.

She doesn’t follow the music as it is written, but simply uses that as a guide.

“I don’t write the accompaniment I am going to use, so sometimes Sheldon is surprised,” Moberg said, noting that her accompaniment changes each time she plays a song. “I can’t predict – because my memory is not that good – what I’m going to do next.”

But, both agree they work well as a team. “We are blessed that way,” Moberg said.

“I’m thankful for that,” Hedin added. “Our talent comes from the heavenly Father. We both knew that, and wanted to share it with others.”

Musical beginnings

Both Hedin and Moberg were young when they began to develop their musical talent.

“My mother taught me to play the piano when I was 10 years old,” Moberg said.

“One of my favorite nights growing up was hymn night on Sunday night,” Hedin said.

As a child growing up in Bertha, Hedin was impressed by gospel singer Jim Sellers, a bass singer who would come to his church to perform, he said.

“I am thankful to my parents I was raised in church – that I grew up with song,” Hedin said.

As a young man at St. Paul Bible College (now Crown College), Hedin continued his love of singing and was the bass singer in the Crusader Quartet.

He has also sung with the Litchfield Male Chorus and the Oldtymers Gospel Quartet in Annandale, which Moberg accompanies.

‘Songs from the Heart’

Hedin and Moberg recorded the album “Songs from the Heart” in December at Elim Mission Church in Cokato. The church’s music director, Ben Brandt assisted them.

Hedin chose the name “Songs from the Heart” because he feels he is singing from his heart when he sings the songs on it. “Each song has personal meaning for me; they touch me,” he said.

The CD did not take long to record. Brandt hit “record,” and Moberg and Hedin were able to finish in one session.

“We’re both very pleased with the CD. It’s nothing fancy, no guitars or drums, just Janet and me,” Hedin said. “People can understand the words. That’s important to me – the words.”

And it is because of the words that Hedin chose the songs he did for the album.

“The words in these songs are so clear,” Hedin said. “Someone was inspired to write many of them more than 150 years ago, but they still have meaning today.”

Many of the hymns on the CD will be familiar to those who love old-time hymns. “A lot of people around here still love these songs and will recognize them,” Hedin said.

The songs are about faith, Jesus’ love, and salvation. The first song on the CD, “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus,” means a lot to Hedin in his own personal life.

Another song, “The King is Coming,” is one a lot of people know and like, Hedin said, adding, “Many people would have been upset if the song was not included in the CD. The song gives me hope.”

“I had always thought about ‘I’ll Fly Away’ as a casual southern song,” Moberg said about another song on the CD, “but it has taken on more meaning as I watch others grow older and cannot walk. Flying away to Jesus after not being able to get around so well anymore, it’s so wonderful to think of.”

Hedin and Moberg are giving away the CDs for a donation. The proceeds from the CDs will support the Dassel Area Food Shelf and Covenant World Relief, which is an international ministry.

So far, copies of the CD have traveled far-and-wide, to places such as Japan, Mexico, Ecuador, Nigeria, Massachusetts, Ohio, Colorado, and Sweden.

The CDs are available by e-mailing Hedin at sheldonhedin@yahoo.com. They are also available at Elim Mission Church and The Gounds in Cokato, Dassel Evangelical Covenant Church, and the Dassel Area Food Shelf.

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