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Full Throttle Services revs up in Lester Prairie
March 7, 2011

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – In the five years that Matt Dammann has had his truck, tractor, and automotive repair business, customers have been rolling in at an accelerated pace.

“Business grew so much, so fast, that the building got to be way too small,” said Dammann, who had been renting space from his father, Dan, about five miles south of Lester Prairie.

In order to better accommodate his growing client base, Dammann recently relocated to 135C Pine Street South in Lester Prairie.

“The building is over twice the size,” Dammann said, adding that it also has higher ceilings, which is ideal for large agricultural equipment.

At Full Throttle Services, Dammann employs his younger brother, Luke Dammann, as an automotive mechanic.

Jon Kusske serves as the company’s agricultural mechanic, and Dammann’s wife, Mandy, takes care of the bookkeeping.

“I’m fortunate to have very knowledgeable, self-motivated workers,” Dammann said. “They excel at what they do.”

The quality of his employees is one reason Dammann believes his company has been so successful.

“We’re really fussy,” he said. “Nothing leaves unless it’s working 100 percent.”

Dammann and his workers pride themselves on honesty, customer service, and first-rate results.

“We try to stay very competitive with our rates, too,” he said. “I think that’s helped us out a lot.”

Full Throttle Services tends to get a high number of repeat customers.

“That tells me we’re probably doing a good job,” Dammann said. “Our customer base is really broad. We have customers all the way from Brownton to Waconia. Since our first year, business has probably tripled.”

In addition to detail-oriented service, the company also pays attention to the type of parts used in repair work.

“We’ve done a lot of research in the parts department, and we use higher quality parts,” said Dammann, a certified dealer for Hy-Capacity and A&I Products. “It might cost a little more up front, but it’s better to do that than have a customer come back because the part failed.”

Full Throttle Services can fix virtually any type of vehicle issue.

“We enjoy working on everything,” Dammann said. “We’re all pretty diversified on all makes and models.”

Hauling is available for people who don’t have a way to get the equipment to the shop, and Dammann also does service calls.

Many people like working with Full Throttle Services because they can take care of repair and maintenance for both automotive and agricultural needs.

Having a larger shop has definitely made the business more efficient, Dammann said.

He’s added a second car hoist, and is considering purchasing a third. Other plans include the creation of a waiting area with a TV and WiFi, so that customers will be comfortable while waiting for an oil change or other maintenance work.

Mechanical experience
For Dammann, vehicle repair and maintenance has been a lifelong endeavor. Growing up on a farm, he enjoyed repairing tractors and other agricultural machinery.

“That’s probably where I got my niche,” he said.

After high school, he continued his education at Alexandria Technical College. He earned an associate of applied science (AAS) degree in Caterpillar Technology, and went to work at Ziegler Cat in the Twin Cities.

For five years, Dammann also served as a mechanic for RAM Buildings in Winsted.

“Experience is key with mechanics,” he said.

Dammann said he loves the challenge associated with fixing all different types of vehicles.

“That’s what keeps it fun and interesting,” he said. “When you can solve those challenging problems, it’s really rewarding.”

When he has time, Dammann also enjoys restoring and selling tractors that he gets from salvage yards, auctions, and customers.

To learn more about Full Throttle Services, call (320) 395-2831.

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