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Resort for pets is now open
April 18, 2011

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DASSEL, MN – Now accepting pets both large and small is the Misty Creek Ranch Pet Resort, located north of Dassel on Highway 15.

Randy and Marilyn Hed had retired from many years of raising exotic animals including llamas, miniature horses, and donkeys.

With buildings and barns sitting empty, Randy, along with his two daughters, Karla Lundin and Kelly Kohnen, decided to make use of the space by opening a pet boarding business.

Together, they have 90 years of experience with animals.

“We all love animals,” Lundin said.

“One huge perk we have here is Kelly, who is a veterinary technician,” Lundin said. Kohnen also happens to be the pet chauffeur, since the resort offers a pet taxi for drop-off and pick-up as an added convenience to their customers.

The pet resort sits on 54 acres of land that is located near Lake Arvilla and Washington Creek. “But we like to call it Misty Creek,” Lundin said.

It’s open to an array of pets both large and small, from horses to gerbils.

The facility allows for a minimum of 30 animals and offers large guest rooms, heated floors, raised beds, automated fresh air circulation, and natural lighting.

There are also separate areas for indoor and outdoor dogs, along with a “Kitty Kove” for cats that has activity towers.

They are also in the process of developing suites for those dogs that need more attention than others, Lundin said.

Some of the pets even get lounge time in the resort’s lobby, where they can lay on the couches and watch movies, she explained.

Each area also has either a radio or television on at all times to give animals a “human connection.”

They also welcome owners to bring the animal’s favorite toys or blankets so the pet has that comfort from home.

Hours for drop-off and pick-up are very flexible, Lundin said, since two of the three owners live on site.

Each animal needs to be current on their shots and veterinary records. Also, pet owners need to fill out a form for each animal to instruct staff on feeding and how much exercise the animals should get.

Currently, the Misty Creek Pet Resort is offering two free days of boarding for pets staying seven days.

For more information, including rates, visit www.mcr-pet-resort.com or call (320) 296-4572.

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