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Montrose fire chief resigns
June 20, 2011

By Ivan Raconteur
Herald Journal Editor

MONTROSE, MN – Long-time Montrose Fire Chief Mike Marketon surprised city council members by resigning unexpectedly during last Monday’s meeting.

According to Mayor Andy Kauffman, Marketon submitted his resignation as chief, effective immediately. He did not submit a written resignation.

Kauffman noted that Marketon will still be a member of the Montrose Fire Department, but will no longer serve as chief.

“He’ll be missed,” Kauffman said of Marketon’s leadership role. “We hope he will consider remaining on our emergency management committee, for the volume of experience he provides. He is a valuable resource for the community.”

Marketon has served as chief since 1996.

Kauffman said Marketon declined to give a reason for his resignation, but said Marketon expressed appreciation to the members of the department for their support over the years, and acknowledged his wife, Jeannie, for her support and for her work keeping records for the department.

Kauffman said he believes that Jason Chaffins, who currently holds the position of chief II, will step up and assume the chief’s position.

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