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March 7, 2011

Former Dassel resident writes book to heal and inspire othersbook signing Friday at The Grounds

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

COKATO, DASSEL, MN – Six years ago, Theresa Belle Roth, a licensed minister, formerly of Dassel, was preparing to be a guest speaker for an adult Sunday school service.

Not knowing what to share with an unfamiliar audience, Roth prayed about it, looking to God for some direction for her talk.

Roth described it as feeling a strong sensation that God wanted her to share the subject of love.

“I protested His plan with the argument that everyone teaches on love, and there is not much more to be learned on the subject,” Roth admitted in her recently published book, “The King’s Rescue.”

God’s ultimate plan for Roth wasn’t just to talk about love, but to share a story she would write with love as the subject.

“I’m not a story writer,” Roth said, she also protested at the time.

Then, she just began writing, as if the story was being told to her.

“I didn’t know what was going to be said next,” Roth said.

As she continued to write the first story in her book, Roth again protested. This time it was about the way the story was set to end.

The story centers around two men who are each given one of the king’s horses to care for. Each have very different ways of “training” the horse for the king’s army – one with love and the other with neglect.

The man who shows love is ultimately rewarded; the other man is reprimanded by the king.

Refusing to write the story with such a cruel punishment, Roth was directed to read Proverbs 20:26, which reads “A King who sits on the throne of justice disperses all evil with his eyes.”

With trust in God, she completed the story in time for her to share it with the Sunday school class.

One young woman was greatly affected by Roth’s story of showing love with gentle kindness.

Because she was new to the church that Sunday, the young woman wasn’t certain which of the several classes she should attend. She was then invited into Roth’s class, as if led by God to hear the story of love, Roth explained.

After hearing her story, the woman broke into tears because the story had spoken to her and the neglect she had endured in her own life.

“God put her in that room to hear that story,” Roth said.

By reading “The King’s Rescue,” Roth hopes others will be touched by the 10 short stories it contains and the different messages each one provides.

Each story is on a different subject, such as self-forgiveness, cherishing one’s family life, cruelty to women, and sinning.

Roth calls it a “soul-sweeping book” that she hopes will help people to see areas in their lives where “God needs to shine His light” and provide healing.

She noted that this book could easily be used in a multitude of areas including nursing homes, jail ministries, marriage retreats, Sunday school classes, and “anywhere one wants to teach the ways of the Lord in a very discrete, yet fun way,” Roth said.

Roth currently lives in Lake Lillian with her husband, Randall.

She is the worship leader for Rivers of Grace Church, located on Millard Avenue in Cokato, above the Enterprise Dispatch office.

Her sister, Mary Woetzel was instrumental in both encouraging and assisting Roth to publish the book. Woetzel and her husband, Jonathan, are ordained pastors of Rivers of Grace.

Many people have gifts that they never knew they had, Woetzel explained, adding that her sister just needed a little push to actually publish her stories.

Woetzel gave praise for the book in that the short stories have the ability to reach into people’s hearts to bring inner healing.

Book signing Friday

Roth will be signing copies of her newly published book, “The King’s Rescue,” at The Grounds Coffee Shop Friday, March 11 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

The book will be available for $12 at The Grounds, as well as at the Good News Book Store in Willmar.

The book is also available for purchase online at www.bellsesongsandbooks.com.

Rivers of Grace Church

Rivers of Grace Church began with a small group meeting in the Woetzels’ rural Dassel home in 2005, and was officially organized in 2007. The Woetzels are ordained through the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association.

In May 2009, the church moved to the second floor of the Enterprise Dispatch building at 185 Third Street SW (entrance on Millard Avenue).

Rivers of Grace is a nondenominational full gospel Christian fellowship.

Its purpose is: “To love and minister unto the Lord and to one another. To express the fullness of Jesus Christ to the world. To love, worship, and obey God. To abide in Christ and labor that Jesus would be formed in the church.”

Services are Sundays, 10:30 a.m.; Wednesday, 10 a.m.; and Friday, 7 p.m. Average attendance is between 20 and 25 members.

For more information, including a complete statement of faith, visit www.rivers-of-grace.org.

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