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Cokato teen writes, publishes children’s book
Nov. 21, 2011

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

COKATO, MN – Sixteen-year-old Sarah Brown wrote her first story about her kitten, Puff, when she was 11. It was written from her kitten’s point of view and was given to her older brother as a Christmas present.

She wrote it while riding in a car and it took roughly 30 minutes to write, but she decided to send it to a publisher for some feedback.

“They loved it,” she said. But since she didn’t have money to self-publish the book, she waited and continued to write, adding dimension to it with life lessons and even more pet stories.

Eventually, she had a book ready to publish titled “Learning Lessons from Furry Friends.”

Since she had experience raising both cats and dogs, she wrote about lessons she learned through the process, as well as stories she was told growing up. In addition to the stories, Brown added spiritual lessons that tie into many of the stories.

Brown shares how to care for one’s pet by feeding them and treating them with gentleness.

One story Brown shares was when she was about 7 years old, raising her kitten Puff. She thought the kitten should be able to jump out of the tree like the mother cat could.

Brown found that when she pushed the kitten out of the tree, it didn’t land on its feet like its mother and instead, hurt its lip in the fall.

“It taught me that you have to treat kittens differently,” Brown said. “They can’t do what a grown cat does,” she added.

As a spiritual lesson, Brown tied this story with a scripture from Matthew 10:29. She explained that the scripture tells how the Father cares for the sparrows that fall from the tree, as he cares for children and all creatures.

Throughout the book, she references scripture with a footnote and encourages readers to look scriptures up in their Bible.

Brown ties in lessons of obedience, salvation, and faith throughout her book.

Brown also uses photographs of her family pets in the book that help tell the stories.

The book also touches on the difficult times that can come with having a pet, including when a death occurs, and how to get through it and learn from it.

“Having a pet isn’t always a breeze,” she commented, adding that she wanted children to know such things do happen in life.

“Sad things help you enjoy the good things in life and help us grow and learn,” she said.

Brown wrote the book in a simple language that would be easy to understand for children.

She also wants the book to be educational and therefore, gives definitions to words that children may not know the meaning to. like “instinct.” Brown describes this in story form as something God gives animals at birth to impress on them how and when to do things.

The book is for sale through TEACH Services, Inc. at www.teachservices.com, Barnesand Noble.com, and Amazon.com.

Brown asks that readers write a review of the book on any of those sites.

“It’s my desire that all the glory goes to my heavenly Father. He was the one who helped me write the book and gave me the ideas of the spiritual lessons that I tied in and the circumstances that came from having pets,” Brown said. “We learned a lot.”

Brown plans to continue writing books tieing in her love for children, animals, and the Lord in anything she writes.

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