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‘Summertime’ exhibit open at Cokato Museum
JUNE 20, 2011

Exhibit looks at favorite summer pastimes enjoyed in Cokato

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

COKATO, MN – It’s a dedication to summer pastimes at the Cokato Museum with an exhibit highlighting the many ways Cokato residents have enjoyed the season throughout history.

In the exhibit, the museum invites visitors to finish the sentence “In the summertime, we would . . .” as they look at a collection of photos and artifacts of all things summer.

Each display revolves around a different topic relating to what people might do during summer, explained Cokato Museum Director Mike Worcester.

The exhibit opens on the day of the summer solstice, Tuesday, June 21, and will go through September.

For this particular exhibit, the museum didn’t limit the time frame and has items that range from as early as from the late 19th century to as recent as the late 1990s.

“The idea is to show people summertime fun could happen anytime,” Worcester said. It also allows the younger generations to look back and relate to some of the items and photos within the exhibit, he said.

For example, there are photos from the boys’ and girls’ summer recreation programs from 1992.

“Recency doesn’t make that information any less valuable for purposes fulfilling our mission,” Worcester said. “It’s still part of the community’s story,” he said, regardless of how far back it goes.

What helped him realize this was one of the first photos he pulled out for the exhibit.

It is a black-and-white picture taken in 1989, and identified Ernie Forsberg fishing on the shores of Brooks Lake with his granddaughter, Jonelle.

“Every element about [the photo] is timeless,” Worcester said.

This particular photo is now a focal point of the exhibit entry display, along with other fishing-related items such as a minnow bucket and a wooden tackle box.

Along with the roughly three dozen photos in the exhibit, there are old uniforms on display from various town baseball teams including the Cokato town team, the American Legion baseball team, and even a shirt from the Collinwood baseball team.

The exhibit officially opens Tuesday and will include a special reception from 3 to 7 p.m. when the Cokato Historical Society will recognize long-time museum assistant Audrey Tack for her years of service. Light refreshments will be served.

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