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Townships elect new officers
MARCH 14, 2011

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

Results are in from area township elections, which took place Tuesday.

Though many of the seats were filled by incumbents, there are also some new faces that have taken office.

Cokato Township

In Cokato Township, there were two positions on the ballot; a two-year term for treasurer and a three-year term for supervisor.

There were 56 votes cast, with Nancy Dahlman, the incumbent for treasurer, receiving 29 votes. There were three write-in votes.

Dan Bravinder, the incumbent for supervisor, received 34 votes. There were 22 write-in votes for Andrea Vargo.

Stockholm Township

In Stockholm Township, there were four positions up for election including treasurer, a two-year supervisor, a three-year supervisor, and a clerk.

There were a total of 149 votes cast.

Dan Sangren was elected for the three-year supervisor position with 89 votes. Mitch Klein, who also filed for the position, received 58 votes. There were six other write-ins, for a total of 31 votes.

Dan Gesinger was elected for the two-year supervisor position with 81 votes. Andy Engh, who also filed, received 63 votes. There were two write-ins.

With no one filing for the open treasurer position, write-in candidate Cecelia Sangren was elected with 50 votes. There were three other write-ins.

Jody Selseth was elected for the clerk position with 133 votes. There were four other write-ins, for a total of seven votes.

French Lake Township

In French Lake Township, there were a total of 20 votes, with Lucille Ekholm, incumbent for treasurer, receiving 20 votes. Mike Granquist, incumbent for the three-year supervisor, also received 20 votes.

Collinwood Township

There were a total of 88 votes cast in Collinwood Township for the open three-year supervisor position and the treasurer position.

Michelle Schnitzler, the incumbent for treasurer, received 83 votes.

Randy Holm, incumbent for supervisor, was re-elected with 85 votes; and Dale Anderson, who also filed for this position, received three votes.

Dassel Township

In Dassel Township, there were 26 votes for the two open positions of treasurer and supervisor.

Galen Nyman, incumbent for treasurer, was re-elected with 24 votes. David Isaacson was elected for the supervisor position with 24 votes. There were two write-ins.

Ellsworth Township

There were 27 voters who came out for the Ellsworth Township elections, in which the treasurer and supervisor positions were open.

Elvera Smith, incumbent, was re-elected as treasurer with 26 votes; and Roger Werner, incumbent, was re-elected supervisor with 26 votes. There was one write-in.

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