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New job at Holy Trinity is like ‘coming home’ for HT graduate
May 2, 2011

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – Angie (Kutz) Hertel attended Holy Trinity School from first grade until her graduation in 1995, so the halls and classrooms were very familiar to her when she began her new job as the school’s development and marketing director April 11.

In the 16 years since her graduation from Holy Trinity, Hertel has had many life-changing experiences, but nothing has changed how she feels about the private Catholic school she attended in Winsted.

“I truly believe in Holy Trinity and our community,” Hertel said. “I’m a proud Holy Trinity alum and my education here has benefited me in many ways. I am excited to give back to a place that gave me so much.”

Following her high school graduation, Hertel attended the University of St. Thomas, where she graduated with a degree in business and human resources in 1999.

After her graduation, Hertel was employed by St. Thomas as an assistant director of admissions.

“I planned our (St. Thomas) very large recruiting events, where we would have 400 to 500 to 600 people,” Hertel said. “I also ran our Tommie Ambassador Program, which is current St. Thomas students who were either working or volunteering for our office, helping to recruit. There were probably 200 students in our ambassador program.”

Hertel received her master’s degree at St. Thomas in education leadership in December 2003, and continued to work at St. Thomas until her recent move to Holy Trinity.

“I loved my job at St. Thomas. I didn’t even consider leaving it because I loved it so much,” Hertel said. “One day, Bill Tschida (Holy Trinity High School principal), asked if he could talk to me about the position (development and marketing at Holy Trinity).”

Three weeks later she started working at Holy Trinity.

Although it was difficult for Hertel to leave St. Thomas, she has found the transition was an easy one for her.

“And for me to leave St. Thomas it would have to be into something like this (Holy Trinity) that I believe in and know is real,” Hertel said.

For Hertel, Holy Trinity is more than just an education, it’s a family tradition. Her parents, John and Lois (Deidrick) Kutz, are graduates of Holy Trinity, as are her brothers.

Hertel is married to a 1994 Holy Trinity graduate, Jacob Hertel. Jacob’s parents, Jim and Kathy (Campbell) Hertel, as well as all of Jacob’s siblings, are graduates from Holy Trinity, too.

Keeping with that tradition, today, Jacob and Angie’s children are the third generation to attend Holy Trinity.

Their daughter, Lucy, 7, is in first grade at Holy Trinity, and their son, Leo, 5, is preparing to begin kindergarten in the fall.

“When it came time for Lucy to go to school, I signed her up at Holy Trinity,” Hertel said. “I didn’t even sit down and do an admissions appointment with anyone. I just knew it was something I wanted. I had gained so much from this private Catholic school experience and I wanted my kids to experience the same thing.”

Besides educating students in the Catholic faith and strong academics, Hertel appreciates the outside-of-the-classroom growth-type activities. Activities like community service day, campus ministry, National Honor Society, planning for prom – all of those things students are able to do, “to develop and grow and become moral, responsible leaders that can go off to college and be successful,” Hertel said.

Besides being excited to be working at Holy Trinity and have the opportunity to promote Holy Trinity School, Hertel has found there are benefits in her personal life, as well.

She doesn’t have to drive to St. Paul every day from their home in Lester Prairie. And she is now able to be closer to her children, which will give her more opportunity to take part in their school activities.

As the 2010-11 school year cycles down with high school graduation in three weeks, Hertel is working to become more familiar with her office and is already looking ahead to the new school year.

Her focus will be on enrollment and “just trying to pick up where two very talented people left off,” Hertel said, referring to the previous marketing director, Julie Fasching and development director Kevin Dietrich, who left earlier in the year.

She is currently working on a new scholarship program for new or re-enrolling students at Holy Trinity in first through 12th grade, in an effort to increase enrollment.

“Our classes are small and that’s great because the teachers are able to offer lots of personal attention to the students, but I do think there is room for growth right now,” Hertel said.

If families are interested in getting more information about Holy Trinity School, would like to go on a school tour, or learn more about the scholarship program, they can contact Hertel at (320) 485-2182 ext. 2777 or e-mail htdevelopment@tds.net.

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