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Holy Trinity School goal is to increase enrollment
May 30, 2011

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – For the last decade, Holy Trinity’s student enrollment in both the elementary and high school has been declining, but church and school leaders have worked out a plan they hope will end the trend.

For the school years of 2011-12 and 2012-13, Holy Trinity is waiving the entire cost of the first-year tuition for any new (or former) student who attends Holy Trinity School, and half the cost of tuition for the second year. The tuition for the student’s third year would be at the current rate at that time.

The scholarships are limited and will be awarded on a first come basis for students in grades 1-12.

“Right now, we have the capacity and staff to educate and enrich the lives of 35 more students without increasing our education costs or resources,” Angie Hertel Holy Trinity development and marketing director, said.

The hope is the scholarships will give students and their families the opportunity to experience Holy Trinity for the first two years with the expectation that they will enjoy the community experience and want to remain at Holy Trinity, according to Hertel.

The declining enrollment Holy Trinity School has been experiencing is happening to private schools nationwide, according to statistics provided by Hertel. The other factor affecting Holy Trinity’s student enrollment is that the number of school-aged children within a 30-mile radius of Holy Trinity has decreased.

“The reality of the situation is that our student enrollment has been declining, and if enrollment does not increase in the next couple years, it will have a great impact on our budget and force us to rely more on external funding or increased tuition to educate our students,” Hertel said.

The new plan, which is an aggressive response to the school’s declining student population, is called the “Enrollment Enrichment Plan,” which offers several advantages for families who choose to send their children to Holy Trinity.

There are scholarship opportunities for current students, increased options for day care for pre-k through sixth-grade students, a half-price kindergarten discount for children baptized at Holy Trinity, and a $300 tuition credit for anyone who refers a new or former student to Holy Trinity.

Plans for day care will be done in two phases.

Right now, Holy Trinity has after-school child care. Starting this fall, there will be before-school child care, from 6 a.m. until the start of school; and after pre-school child care from 11:15 a.m. until 6 p.m. Drop-in child care will also be available.

The second phase of this program is slated to begin the summer of 2012, for families that might be interested in day care full time.

Increasing enrollment will benefit all of the students attending Holy Trinity and their families, according to Hertel.

It will have a positive impact on the budget and will slow the rising cost of tuition, which will decrease the dependence on fundraising and parish subsidies, according to Hertel.

It will also open more doors of opportunity for all students, and ensure that a large number of students will be educated in the faith and one day, become Holy Trinity benefactors.

“Our community is amazing,” Hertel said. “We have shown time and again that together, we can accomplish remarkable things. This will be no different,” Hertel said.

Tuition remains affordable at Holy Trinity because of a generous parish, community, local businesses and organizations, alumni, and friends.

Holy Trinity’s average tuition cost for an elementary student is $2,424. According to the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA), the average per-pupil cost to educate an elementary student is $5,436.

Holy Trinity’s average tuition cost for a high school student is $3,683. According to the NCEA, the cost to educate a high school student is $10,808.

Students from 11 communities and a variety of Christian faiths attend Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity School is accredited by the Minnesota Non-public School Accrediting Association.

Visit Holy Trinity

Tours at Holy Trinity elementary and high school are available throughout the year.

To schedule a tour or to learn more about the scholarships available, contact Angie Hertel at (320) 485-2182 X2777 or email her at htdevelopment@tds.net

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