Republican, Democrat, or other?
September 24, 2012
by Brian Wolf

During election years, I’m often asked what I think politically, and although I believe I’m well informed on the issues, it’s often not about the issues. For me, it’s more often about the candidate and trust I have in them. Let me explain . . .

I’m one of the lucky ones in that I come from a broken home.

Oh, I don’t mean my parents were divorced, and maybe broken isn’t the correct term. Let’s use the term “divided” home instead of broken. You see, my mother has voted for the Democrat’s her entire life, and my father has been faithfully canceling out her vote with his own Republican vote. I have witnessed this Mexican standoff my entire life and after more than 50 years of marriage, the only thing that has changed is how fast they can get to the voting booths.

So, as you might expect coming from a split family, I had to do some major thinking about which political party I was going to support in my lifetime. First order of business was deciding what I believed in; followed by which party or candidate would best represent those ideals or values.

Knowing that I have developed into a fiscal conservative with a heavy heart for those less fortunate than myself, it’s not always an easy choice. For example, last election I had no candidate that I wanted to support. This time around, it’s more of the same. I’m thinking who is the least likely to screw things up? When I look to a president for leadership, I want to see honesty and integrity. Unfortunately, I don’t always get that.

I still remember Bush saying “read my lips….no new taxes” and then raising the gas tax. I’m also old enough to remember Nixon’s struggles with the truth, and let’s not forget the quintessential presidential lie of President Clinton; “I never had sexual relations with that woman, and I did not lie, or tell anyone else to lie and I need to get back to serving the American people.” Needless to say, telling the truth is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it’s a personal issue.

Right now, we are about to be inundated with political ads that, for the most part, will hold very little truth. So finding some truth in political elections or candidates is now my main focus on judging who to vote for. I believe that most, if not all, candidates today will do what’s in their best interest first and perhaps my best interest or America’s best interest second or third if we’re lucky.

Whichever way I vote, I know that I’ll have to be consistent. Nothing bogs down getting things done like splitting the power of Washington up. For example, if the Republicans control the senate and the Democrats control the congress, this is the recipe for a total stalemated meltdown.

Although checks and balances are mostly a good idea for our country, in today’s political world, it just doesn’t seem to work so well. You could probably count on one finger the number of times recently that something positive got done by way of bi-partisan cooperation. If this is truly that state of the nation, then we need to fix it by swinging the pendulum all the way right or left, because doing nothing is truly the fastest way to economic and social chaos. I believe that if Americans truly understood how bad our “financial house,” is they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!

People need to understand what’s true vs. political hype.

I know that my parents aren’t going to change their minds on who to vote for, but hopefully, America will wake up and smell the coffee and make the necessary changes for our country.

I’ve noticed that every candidate ends their speeches with “God Bless American.” I’d just like to say, Hey God . . . if you’re listening, while you’re taking all those requests for blessings; how about casting a vote while you’re at it?

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