Invest in love
February 6, 2012
by Jenni Sebora

We need to invest in things that we value and find important. We invest time and energy into our jobs, our occupations. We may invest time into a beloved hobby. Why? Because we think it is important.

Loving someone means investing time into them. We need to know and understand the importance, the necessity of showing love to our loved ones.

So often, we may just take it for granted that those who are important to us know that we care about them. They already know we love them.

It is a basic human need to want to be loved. Daily reminders of this are crucial. Each day before I leave for work, I kiss and hug each of my children. I tell them I love them. I want them to start their days knowing that they are loved. And I also have to remind myself that my husband needs this reminder, too. Just because we are adults does not mean that the need to know intrinsically and extrinsically that we are loved and valued is any less.

Although Valentine’s Day is a special day to show love, it is really a reminder that we need to show this love often.

Investing time in loved ones means spending time with them. Making time for them even though our schedules are filled to the brim is crucial. As it is said, closets will stay cluttered, but our children will not always be young. We need to take time with our children, spouses, family, and other loved ones. We need to always have them ‘booked in our schedules.’

It is also said that on our death beds, we will not wish that we would have worked more, or cleaned more but that we would have told those close to us more that we loved them.

Know and invest in what someone you love cares about, even if it is not your favorite thing to do. Show an interest in those things that matter to them. Compliment them on something dear to them – maybe it is on a great meal they made or on something nice they did for someone. It feels good to receive a compliment. It is good for the soul.

Surprise them with something. Maybe it’s a coffee that they really enjoy or a book they have wanted to read. Little gestures mean that you have been thinking of them. When I pick up my kids from school, I will occasionally bring along a snack that they like – a chocolate chip cookie, a tangelo, a piece of gum. It is something special for them.

These investments of time and love will pay great dividends.

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