MInnesota weather is crazy
April 23, 2012
by Jenni Sebora

As we say in Minnesota, “This crazy weather!”

That comment certainly upholds its validity this season, as well.

Just when we thought summer may be here – with the warmth and thunderstorms, here comes Old Man Winter, proclaiming, “I’m not ready to be outa here yet.”

One day our children have shorts on and are playing in the sand, and the next day, it’s winter jackets, and in some places in Minnesota, it’s snowball time.

Honestly. This week, there was one school district that had not used a snow day all winter, until April 16, when they got hit with snow and slippery roads.

Really, now, it is mid-April. I have been waiting patiently to plant flowers, although WCCO’s Mike Fairbourne says that we have gotten snow as late as late May. Oh, gosh. Oh, golly.

I think it is kind of exciting, and keeps us on our toes – the Minnesota weather. And, honestly what would we do without the weather for a conversation starter? There is always weather to talk about if we can’t think of anything else.

My family was down in the basement for a short while April 15, due to the impending storm and tornado warnings in our area. My youngest is fearful of tornadoes, and rightfully so, as she is only a second-grader. So, when bad weather strikes and warnings are issued, we head to the safest place.

However, if it were just me, I would be standing outside watching the penetrating clouds, taking in the weather conditions, and keeping an observant eye on sky.

This has always been an interest of mine. It is what my dad always did. Growing up on a farm, in inclement weather, we would all head to the milk house, the safest place on our farmstead. My dad would always step outside and take it all in. Farmers have a connection with nature, and I think the weather is part of their connection. I think I inherited this quality from my father. My father was never fearful of the weather. At least he never showed it.

In fact, years ago, before I was born, my parents and older siblings watched a tornado take down their church and school right up the road from our farm. My oldest brother remembers the whirling winds of black debris and clouds. He said all you could see was black. I am sure this is a memory that is forever implanted in his memory bank.

Two years ago, my family watched as a vicious wind and rain storm took down half of an old, very large cottonwood tree. We had abandoned our house for fear of the tree falling on it, as it was leaning that way. Fortunately, the tree missed the house and landed across our driveway, taking a smaller tree down with it.

Speaking of fortune, a small fortune later, the tree was cut, removed, and cleaned up, as it was too big of a job to do it ourselves. Watching that tree fall will probably be a memory keeper for my family, as well.

Well, we will see what happens with the remainder of spring, or winter, or summer – whatever the Minnesota weather decides to bring our way.

Whatever the case, I am sure we will be in for some surprises. So, with safety at the forefront, you never know what lies in store for Minnesota weather memories.

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