The work of a mother
May 14, 2012
by Jenni Sebora

I read once that the best weapons in the fight for a child are a whole lot of faith and love.

We mothers know that we will put on our best suit of armor to fight for our children. It is instinctively driven. We want the best for our children, and when we think they have been treated unjustly, our protective mode goes into high gear. You cannot fully explain it unless you are a mother or a mother figure.

Watch the mother eagle protecting its baby eaglet that is being streamed continuously online. It is amazing to see that mother watch over and care for her baby. Two eaglets were born to this mama eagle, and one of them died. That left the lone baby eaglet. The eaglet was without its mama for 48 hours, which is about the maximum that eaglets can live on their own without their mama.

After 48 hours, Mama Eagle came back to the nest to its baby. As my students and I watched the mama and her baby, there was a true connection felt between them. Mama was feeding her baby bits of a fish that she was biting off for it. After a short while, hail began and Mama shielded her baby from it. She hovered over it to protect it from the elements.

I said, “She is definitely a mama.”

Being a mother is wearing your feelings on your sleeves at almost all times. Our children are truly what make us most vulnerable. That is why being a mother is certainly the most important job, but also the most difficult job we probably will ever have.

I was just talking with a male co-worker who is married, but does not yet have children. They plan on starting a family in the near future.

In a conversation about parenting, I said that one of the best things about being a parent is that you don’t have to spend so much time worrying about yourself. You have others to worry about. It teaches you to be selfless.

Does this mean you give up all things and all hobbies to be a mother or a father? No. In fact, that is not healthy.

To be able to parent most effectively, you need to be healthy emotionally, yourself. However, you do have to make sacrifices, because being a parent equates to time, energy, and, of course, love, love, and more love.

My hope is that Mothers Day brought much-deserved gratitude and happiness to all mothers and mother figures.

Our children will never know how deep our love is for them, until they become parents themselves.

When our children are grown, we hope we have equipped them with the tools they need to be healthy, happy, productive individuals. Then, one day, they will reflect on the love that we have forever, and for always, given them.

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