Bonfire boom
May 28, 2012
by Jenni Sebora

On Mother’s Day, our family purchased a portable bonfire ring, something it seems almost every family in America owns. Whether they are built in a ring of rocks, as our former one was (the rocks are being recycled for a flower bed), or in a metal, stone, or ceramic pit, ring, or stove, bonfires have become a favorite recreational activity.

One can drive around a community on a weekend spring, summer, or fall evening, and see more and more people sitting in lawn chairs around a fire. Most likely, they are roasting marshmallows, sharing stories and laughter, or just one another’s companionship and the warmth of fire and friendship.

Sitting around a bonfire is going back to the basics – simple fun. No elaborate planning or prepping required, and in this day of fast-paced life-styles, it allows us to just sit back and enjoy.

Throughout the spring and summer season, our family enjoys its share of simple fun, as well. Of course, at the center of it is the bonfire. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows are a must.

Besides these traditional activities, a game of “daddy monster” or “mommy monster,” depending on who is doing the chasing and capturing of our children, is a requested activity each time.

We’ve also added the “crazy chicken” ride to the list of anticipated activities. My twin brother hooks up the trailer to the tractor; the children hop in, and the fun begins. Over hills and down the valleys, over bumps and around the terrain, the children cheer and laugh as they enjoy this ride. No money, ticket, or waiting in line required. Plain, simple fun.

Froggin’ has also captured our children’s attention. They walk around the perimeter of the cattails of a nearby pond looking for frogs to jump up and out – and maybe, into their hands. I haven’t found a frog in a pocket yet, but that could still happen.

Lately, my husband or I have been taking our children and their friends and headed down to the river, which is basically in our backyard, to do some fishing. First of all, of course, they head to our worm spot, to do some digging for those squirmy worms to bait the fish. Last weekend, they spent a few hours fishing, which is just catch-and-release. It was plain, ol’ simple fun.

Take some time to enjoy the simple things. Save some money and create truly lasting memories with your family this summer.

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