Defeating summer boredom
July 9, 2012
by Jenni Sebora

“I am bored. What is there to do?”

I have heard this a few times this summer so far, and it is common from students during the summer break.

I remember saying those exact words to my parents back when I was a youngster.

I think the aspect of experiencing some bouts of boredom are good for children. When school starts up again, most students are ready for the schedule, as well as the socialization aspect. They are ready for a new start, a new school year.

I grew up on a farm, so physical labor was always on our summer duty docket. Baling hay, picking rocks, feeding the cows, cleaning the barn, and de-tasseling corn were among the summer jobs.

My goal each summer was to not miss a day of de-tasseling, so I could earn that extra bonus. And I did it. Short and all; I picked those tassels and earned my bonus. That was an accomplishment.

I have put my children to work, as well. Unfortunately, not living on a farm, physical jobs are not as plentiful. Picking weeds and watering the garden are in high demand, though.

During the week, I give each of my children a chore list. Summer is a great time for them to clear out drawers, clean out their closets, and look under their beds for trash and treasures.

It is amazing what they find. Discovering old things that bring back memories for them, and, of course, just tidying up and organizing their rooms before the hectic school year begins are part of this process.

Our 8-year-old is in on the cleaning and reorganization action, too. While going through her toys in her closet, she discovered her box of baby keepsakes. The box contained her first blanket, dress, shoes, doll, and the sleeper she came home from the hospital in.

I have a keepsake box that includes each of these items for all of my children. My son, however, does not have a dress in his box, but an adorable blue outfit with trains on it.

Each of their boxes contains something of mine when I was little, as well.

My daughters each have a baby dress that was mine, and my son has my baby blanket. When they have their own homes, I want to pass these keepsakes on to them.

My daughter loved this discovery. Each keepsake sparked a story that I shared with her of when she was a baby – all this wonderful conversation and sharing because we were cleaning out her closet.

In fact, I have asked my children to clean out our snack drawer, reorganize our desk drawer, reorganize the utensil drawer, and go through their books, too. They have been a little creative in their organization, but I am not arguing. On to the garage. A little labor is good for the body, as well as the mind.

Summer is a great time to take advantage of a more relaxed time, but also to reorganize and rejuvenate those spaces and things we don’t have time for during the school year.

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