Reconnect and rekindle
Dec. 24, 2012
by Jenni Sebora

My husband and I spent a day together Christmas shopping. We have not done this for a few years. It was more than just about shopping.

We had breakfast and conversation at our favorite local café. We enjoyed each other’s conversation, company, and coffee. We talked about our jobs, our children, and the holiday gatherings coming up. My husband and I do not lack in conversation and communication. We truly enjoy each other’s company.

Christmas shopping for our children was the next activity on the agenda. We headed to the mall, knowing what stores needed visiting. It is good to have a plan, since my husband’s love of shopping is a little less than mine. We had so much fun picking out gifts for our beloved children.

A coffee clutch break during our shopping extravaganza was welcomed. We both enjoy our coffee. Listening to Christmas music while sipping on our favorite holiday coffee beverages and discussing our Christmas plans was like going on a vacation.

Sometimes, we get caught up in our daily hectic schedules and forget to take time to just enjoy each other and remember why we are a family to begin with. This day was such a reminder to me of why we should all take time to just enjoy the company and conversation between our spouses, loved ones, and friends.

The best gift we can give our children is to have a good relationship with our spouses. It is so easy to put our relationships with our spouses aside because of our daily schedules, but it is so important that we do put those relationships at the forefront sometimes. Take time to reconnect and rekindle. Talk and laugh, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Call your spouse at work, if you can, just to say, “Hello, how is it going? I was thinking of you.”

My husband does that almost every day. We just connect for a few brief minutes. We talk about the plans for our family for the rest of the day, how work is going, and any other topic that may come up. We don’t talk long; just enough to connect among our busy lives.

Go out for coffee or breakfast occasionally. Go for a walk. Try a movie. Watch the evening news together.

On the way home from our little holiday shopping extravaganza I fell asleep (of course, I was the passenger), listening to Christmas music (of course) on the car radio, and holding hands with my husband. Sometimes, you don’t have to say anything. Just moments together in each other’s presence can be enough. Actually, it can be just lovely.

This holiday season, treat yourself to time spent with your significant other. It is the best gift you can give each other and your family.

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