Responsible stewardship
February 27, 2012
by Pastor Gordon Sorenson, Howard Lake Christian Church, Howard Lake

Doing the will of God means accepting responsibility for what God has given us to do in this world, and being responsible with all the resources He has given us to do it.

In Matthew 25-14-30, the parable of talents, it says, “The Kingdom of God will be like a man going on a journey.” The man going on the journey represents Jesus, to whom everything belongs. Everything originates from Him, but He is going to take himself out of the picture for a very long time. And when He returns, He will return as Lord.

Every Christian, every believer is God’s servant. By purpose and design, God chose to “partner” with us in taking care of “His property” and doing His work until He “returns.”

The stewardship of creation was to extend far beyond Adam and the Garden of Eden. It was to involve more than just plants and animals. It extends beyond a man’s hands using crude tools and digging in the dirt.

A man’s stewardship includes all natural resources, as well as human resources like man’s ability to think, to create, to compose, to invent, to cure, to heal, to teach, to learn, to love, to bless, and to lift up others.

There is also man’s ability to value one another. We have a stewardship of servanthood and blessing to our fellow human beings. God’s call to Abraham in Genesis 12 was about this very thing. God said, to leave the old familiar past and go with Him. He said, “You will be a blessing and I will bless you.”

In Romans 12:1-8, Paul speaks to the Christians in Rome and exhorts them to change their way of thinking. “Allow God to transform your minds, your way of thinking to something new.”

The three servants in the parable of talents are representative of us and all the varieties of personalities, abilities, capabilities, and responsibilities we have. God never intended for us to all have the same talents and abilities, and he never put a value figure or a rating on any particular gift or talent.

An example is Bill Gates, a man who has the ability to give millions, and he does. But just as important is Osceola McCarty, an 87-year-old washer-woman from Hattiesburg, MS who wanted to give a child the opportunity she never had to go to college and make their dreams come true. She saved $150,000 from her washings and ironings to fund a student scholarship program at the University of Southern Mississippi. In turn, her gift inspired others to give, and contributions from more than 600 donors added an additional $330,000 to Miss McCarty’s gift.

The main issue of this parable is that, in reality, every soul has been given something, some talent, some resource, or some gift with which they could bless others. The question is: What are you doing with what God has given you?

How responsible are we being with what God has placed within our care? What are you doing with your talents and resources?

“Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see.” And to come alive!