Helpless and vulnerable
July 30, 2012
by Rev. Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church, Cokato

This title describes the bug I observed while floating on an air mattress out on our lake recently. It was a flying insect with one wing that appeared to be damaged, and both wings were wet.

When I saw the bug, it was fluttering upside-down, looking very much like fish bait. I put out my finger and allowed it to crawl up on my hand.

As it was then right side up, it immediately began to dry its wings. They fluttered in the breeze and I could see droplets of water come off. The drier they became, the faster the wings moved.

As I continued to watch this insect close-up, I also observed that one wing appeared to be broken. As it tried to dry that wing, there was some movement, but part of it was hanging limp.

Now it was time for the test. Could this insect with dry wings, one partially broken, take off and not be fish bait? As I tossed it into the air, it took only a second for the bug to be on its back and fluttering in the same vulnerable position I found it. Unless I could heal its broken wing, there was no chance of survival.

Would you be willing to consider how much like that bug you are without Jesus? You are greatly damaged by sin. You were born with a sin nature that does not allow you to see your need for help and rescue. You think you are just fine, when in actuality you are as vulnerable as an upside-down bug to a large mouth bass!

You have an enemy, Satan, who is bent on destroying you for eternity. He wants you with him for all eternity. If no one comes floating by on an air mattress and picks you out of your vulnerable sinful state, you are little more than bait, and it is only a matter of time before that becomes your reality.

The good news is that Jesus did come into this world to rescue you in your vulnerable condition. He, through the Bible, seeks to convince you of how needy you are.

If you are willing to admit that you need Him to heal your “broken nature,” He (unlike me) can remove your sin and give you a new nature that can see spiritual truths and how to live in a relationship with God. He will offer you protection plans in His Word, to keep you close to Himself.

May you be “bugged” by these truths until you allow Jesus to rescue you.