Opposites can get along
January 30, 2012
by Ben Arlen Johnson, Evangelical Lutheran Church Cokato

One of the most stimulating groups I have met in Cokato is in the process of being displaced.

The sale of the wonderful coffee and book shop called The Grounds, operated by Danelle Erickson, means that the group of intellectuals that meets there most mornings for coffee and conversation will have to find another place to gather.

The good news is that a similar facility is being opened at the Country Club two blocks away.

The challenge to the members of the group is whether they will be able to find it.

Maybe it would help if someone would drop a trail of crossword puzzles and newspaper articles between the sites.

The group of mostly men who gather include the retired, the under-employed, one who has never been employed, and gentlemen who control their own schedules.

Those I have met on my occasional visits include Sami, retired teachers and politicians, a mortician, farmers, and financiers. They provide a wonderful model of how Republicans and Democrats, people of faith and no faith, can gather and discuss (largely) amiably any subject that might emerge that morning.

In short, while many of us tend to cluster with the like-minded, these people do not. And, therefore, they provide a refreshing alternative to our community’s earnestness.

May they find their way to the new place. (And may I be able to figure out where they are.)