Elected – chosen by God
May 7, 2012
Pastor Edward Groop, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, French Lake

“Who shall bring any charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.” (Romans 8:33)

With our upcoming elections, we are seeing and hearing about who is electable and who is not. The national conventions will elect the most electable Republican/Democrat from their respective parties. No doubt there will be a host of other candidates representing various parties and causes from which we can also select.

It is interesting to watch these early machinations unfold in the media. I am already tired of TV commentators and their analyses of what was said or not said by some of the front runners. It seems that, so often, what the commentators have said, I have heard on yesterday’s news coverage already. So it will go now, for several months.

The above quote from the apostle St. Paul to the Romans speaks volumes to us. Paul reminds us that it is God who does the electing and who will show who is speaking truthfully. I suppose that action of God will take us off the hook if the “wrong” person in our minds gets elected this fall.

Well, I really don’t think Paul is thinking about election to office in either the Roman Empire of his day or the federal/state/local governments of our day. Paul’s thinking is so much greater; he is thinking about our election into the eternal presence of God.

How has God elected us? He has elected, chosen us in Jesus, His Son. There is nothing that can separate us from that event in Jesus.

Our faith, our trust in that world-changing event has guaranteed our election, and has the election official’s stamp on it. Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, and our trust of that stamp of God in Jesus, is guaranteed by the Father; it is God who justifies us.

Let us all vote for Jesus and the Father today and forever.