Familiar places
May 14, 2012
By Pastor Mark Little, Stockholm Lutheran Church, Cokato

Think of some of those places where you go often. I’m not talking about fancy places, out-of-town places, or vacation places. Just those “plain old, ordinary,” well-worn places you automatically go to without thinking about it – day by day and hour by hour.

For example, think of those places you go where you need light in the darkness, and you automatically reach for that familiar light switch. It might be in the garage, the entry way or hallway, by the bathroom door, or in the kitchen. Maybe you go to your shop and grab tools that you use day after day, for your work or home projects. And don’t forget your car or truck. When you want some news or music, you don’t even have to look, but your fingers find their way automatically to the “on/off” button on your car radio.

When we go to these familiar places and reach for a switch, a button, a tool, or a cupboard door, over and over, we eventually create marks that are tell-tale reminders that we’ve been there many, many times before. These marks might be smooth “rub spots” in the wood, lighter-colored “wear spots” in the wood stain on a door frame or near the door knob, or even (if you have children around) fingerprints by the light switch. I have pressed the on/off button on my van radio so often that the letters on that button are half gone from the thousands of times my fingers have reached there over the years. All of these are evidence of how often we go to the ordinary places in our lives.

Where are some other well-worn places you go to in your life? Where do you go when life gets rough, when you need a break, when you need some help to get you through hard times? Where do you automatically go when the cares and needs of life are pressing hard on you? Do you have a long-memorized phone number you use to call a best friend, a treasured path you walk in the woods, an old movie you watch again, a favorite spot to sit, or a special well-loved singer you listen to?

For too many people today, it is out of fashion to turn their heart to the Bible in times of need. But I can tell you that God’s Word of life is a treasure trove of wonderfully powerful words that God has placed there, and these words and truths will hold you steady and strengthen you in sad times and good.

It will be well worth it for you to seek out these truths for today, and for eternity, in God’s Word. Be sure to use a Bible that you can understand, and start reading in the book of John.

Your Savior Jesus is always there for you in God’s Book of Life, and he will guide you to many powerful verses and stories which will thrill you, inspire you, and challenge you. Over time, they will become familiar places where you will go automatically, and will give you comfort, peace, joy, and power for life, that can never be taken away from you.

If the Bible is a place where you already go automatically for life and hope in Jesus, you are blessed. If not, give it a try, God will be with you, and the best is yet to come.