Inspirational Thoughts
A fresh, new year
January 9, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

Here we go again; we’re off to a fresh start, beginning a new year.

I’d like to pause just a moment, to recap last September through December.

At that time, I was a rare uterine cancer patient, not knowing what the ending was going to hold for me. Since then, I have had many people within the community stop me and ask abou my health situation, including my cancer supplement insurance consultant from Dubuque, IA, who came to my home one night to ask “How are you doing?!!”

I, with a smile on my face, replied, “I am fine and doing well.” He then exclaimed with his hands in the air, “Praise God!!” Being there were only two of us diagnosed ever, with this rare uterine cancer at the University of Minnesota, it brings curiosity, much to challenge, and much to learn by all involved.

The other patient passed away, leaving me as their learning patient. Myself, all the other attending cancer physicians, cancer specialists, and the University of Minnesota did learn a lot. Most importantly, I was blessed abundantly! The University also learned to look up and ask God for his help through such a challenging experience.

Step by step, I relearned what it felt like to grasp onto my faith, express my feelings, let others help me, care for me, love me, pray for me, anoint me. Yet, the case manager let me be me, through it all. Through thick and thin, I have treasured moments from all the people that took the time to do any small, meaningful, thoughtful deeds for me.

This is where God used another’s heart to reach out and touch mine. Every person helped me grow and heal. They found a laugh, smile, or just a little bit of my sense of humor.

Just recently, tests again. I was told if there was one little inkling there was something wrong, I’d be back to the University. One small red flag did appear, though six little pills took care of that red flag. As God allows his blessings upon his children, I am in good health.

The University of Minnesota received all my test papers and are extremely happy with my health and the results. I am now a patient they can successfully learn from, if need be. I now go forward with enthusiasm, saying “I survived, because you took the time to care for me!”

Any way you look at it, “God’s ways are better then our ways.” He can abruptly change situations beyond our control and comprehension into something one would have never imagined possible to take place.

As we travel together the next 12 months, may we all see God’s blessings. May we find friends that warm our hearts, delightful conversation, warm hugs, and shared meals, to fill us with pleasant memories.

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