Inspirational Thoughts
Your hospitality shines in all areas
March 26, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

Being an inspirational writer isn’t just about words being written on a piece of paper. The writer has to find hope and encouragement in their writing. From within, they evoke emotion within the reader, building a connection between reader and writer.

An inspirational writer uses their mind, which leads to their heart to bring about heart-warming stories. They have the power to make people feel good about themselves with the words they write. They can even make people laugh with their light-hearted wit. At any given moment, just about anywhere, if something inspires a writer, they can write about it.

I have been wanting to write this story for months. The thought of kindness and servanthood crossed my mind and I thought of you instantly, because I was inspired and I was impressed by all your good deeds that day.

After leaving my church one Sunday, I was walking to my car. Got inside my car, to find an orange piece of paper under my windshield wiper. First of all, I had a slight attitude because I had to get back out of my car and read the little piece of paper. It was announcing there was a pork chop dinner at St. John’s Lutheran Church, a few blocks away. After reading the piece of paper, I decided I was going to bring my attitude with me and go and check it out. I was even excited!

There were cars parked all over, everywhere. Such a beautiful little church; it looked like an ant hill. From a distance, as I was walking to the event on this beautiful sun-shiny day, I could see a surge of energy of men flipping pork chops on the grills, laughing, and having good conversation. It was such a pleasant Christian team working together in harmony.

Walking into the church, I then seen Pastor Loder at a distance. I smiled and waved, he smiled and gave a “welcome” wave.

I got my ticket from two friends of mine. We chit-chatted a little and then I received a big wrap-around hug from one of the girls. I gave my ticket to another person and chit-chatted a little with him. Then I saw the array of food, so well-prepared. Another person I knew flew out of the kitchen to see how I was doing in life.

Then came the exhausting question, “Do you want one or two pork chops?” the server respectfully asked. Those pork chops were huge, thick, breath-taking.

Next, the desserts. I was at a loss for words. Where does one find such good bakers? The size of each piece – I couldn’t decide what I wanted. The servers were always making sure everyone was content.

One thing I noticed was that the servers were hospitable and happy to serve others. They didn’t just serve others because they had to. When you listened, you heard joyous people.

When you looked around, you saw servants of God tending to others in dignity and respect. I felt the presence of God and the warmth of love within the room. On one of the walls by the kitchen I saw, painted on the wall, the common prayer. While you stood in line and waited, you could read it. By the time you got to the food, you were done saying your table prayer, whether you normally prayed or not. I was impressed – how clever is that.

Looking around, I saw many people from the community and surrounding communities supporting your event.

You may be a little church within the community, but your example of Christianity that you put forth shines in all areas!

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