Inspirational Thoughts
A milestone of achievement
June 11, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

It’s that time of the year when the graduation parties are going full force, like wild fire.

Now is the moment, to take the time to pause and embrace the milestone you have just achieved in your life.

From pre-school to the 12th grade, you have been surrounded by some classmates for the whole duration of those consecutive years.

There are also some friends you hold dear to your heart as you all move on in many different directions to pursue a higher education.

There were many teachers who were giving it their best shot daily for you. The teachers want to achieve their greatest achievement as well, and that is by teaching you to retain knowledge, skills, and all the above, down the road, turning what was learned into success.

You will always remember the school or schools you attended, the classmates, the salutatorian and the valedictorian, the receiving of your diploma, the handshakes, the tassel being moved to the other side, the throwing your hat in the air, all the many hugs and best of luck wishes extended to you.

You will savor in your heart the memories of things you did together with your classmates and then, your own graduation party with family and friends.

A graduating student may even voice that, “it’s a true relieving accomplishment in life.”

Always continue to be a success by your gratitude, reliability, enthusiasm, accountability, tenacity, nobleness, excellence of how you act, how you speak and how you pursue all that life has to offer. Then, find tucked within yourself your spirituality, this is an ongoing process; but the result is the greatest discovery you can find and that is, finding your purpose and will of God in what you pursue in life.

Any way you look at it, down the road, you will now become the teacher of what you were taught, to share with the world around you. Best of luck to all the graduating seniors in the area.

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