Inspirational Thoughts
A ‘writer’ with many titles
July 23, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

As I sit and write today, I am absolutely amazed at how many titles a writer can have in a life-time, not any different than a priest or health care provider. You may have all these titles but the fact of the matter is, your still considered a writer.

These are the titles and descriptions of the varieties I have mastered step by step over the duration of my writing career. First title, in elementary, I was called a “scribbler,” with a pencil in my hand and paper before me I tried to figure out how to first hold my pencil with comfort while I scribbled, A, B, C s and 1,2,3’s.

Second title, I became a “writer” who made sentences while forming words, which also included punctuation.

Third title, in junior high, I went to a “creative writer,” I was told by my teacher to write what came to my mind and to write about it, to use my imagination however I wanted too.

Fourth title, in high school, I enjoyed the creative writing style that I decided to become an, “advanced creative writer.” This step required more imagination and a style of creativity to make the writings more interesting to the reader.

Fifth title, because I loved the writing field so much, I had gone beyond what the Lester Prairie School system had to offer so they implemented a class a step higher called, “advanced/advanced creative writing,” this is where I was challenged to write a novel while using my creativity. “Yesterday’s tears becomes tomorrows smiles” became my finished first novel produced with a federal identification number.

Sixth title, early adulthood, I became a “Holy Trinity Sunday school writer,” writing Christian articles for 15 years or more being the coordinator of that program.

Seventh title, I became a “Viewpoints writer.” I would see letters written in the Herald Journal Newspaper expressing opinions on different subjects, and sometimes they weren’t up to snuff with my thoughts so I gently gave my viewpoint.

Eighth title, I participated in a “writers guild training seminar,” for professional advancement for writing success.

Ninth title, mid life, I then became a “columnist,” I was asked by the Herald Journal to write for them by taking a column. The Inspirational Thoughts Column became a reality in 2005. It is still a positive uplifting Christian column respectively written for the Herald Journal and their patrons abroad.

Tenth title, I then became an “Author,” in 2008 as I mastered writing a novel called Inspirational Stories that Spark our Emotions and Touch the Heart and Soul” through Author House, Bloomington, IN. The beautiful novel remains selling nationwide as well as in Germany and United Kingdom. This novel was respectfully honored and dedicated to the following: my English teacher, Robert D. Henning/my former Priest, Msgr. Robert J. Wyffels/ the Herald Journal in Winsted, Dale Kovar - General Manager/ Chris Schultz - Advertising Manager/ the late Lynda Jensen - HJ/ED editor, and staff.

Eleventh title, I became a “momentous writer,” I write uplifting writings and frame them for keepsakes for people for weddings, funerals, special people, etc. These writings are given in honor to people. 30 of these momentous writings have successfully gone into the Library Of Congress in Washington, DC with more on the way.

Twelfth title, I was voted in Secretary for the Winsted Lions Club. This position I had for two years as I wrote meeting minutes and articles.

Thirteenth title, Just recently an executive producer from California, wrote me and described me as an, “elite writer.” They have been observing my writings and claim I have a good track record.

Fourteenth title, now I am a “lyrics writer.” They requested lyrics songs from me to be screened for album inclusion. One has successfully passed its screening and is in master production. Not only will you be reading my writings, you will soon be hearing them being put into songs worldwide. As you look at all these titles from elementary on to adulthood, I still have a pencil and paper lying before me and a creative mind bringing writings to folks in a variety of ways. And just think, I still consider myself a “writer.”

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