Inspirational Thoughts
Going forward in perseverance, ingenuity, and tenacity
August 27, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

From young on, I was one of those, and I’m still one of those, gospel, country music fans who still has to find a comfort spot on the couch, beverage in one hand, bowl of munchies within reach, with eyes glued to the TV watching the Grammy awards.

I have always been fascinated by what the person looks like who is singing the song. The gospel or country singing person was the one word that got my head nodding while I was driving my car, being within my home, or anywhere near a radio.

It’s the beat of the song, accompanied by the lyric words that gets your emotions stirred while entering the crevice of your soul and nudging your heartstrings from the warmth of the song. Then, to see who the Grammy Award winner is excites me!

I never really understood the behind-the-scenes of what it took to become one of those people. I was just excited for any of the gospel or country music singers who made it to the top.

I am now blessed and honored to say, “I am one of those people who write lyrics for the number-one Grammy Award winning people!”

Tom Hartman, an executive producer from California, is over-whelmed with my Gospel lyrics writings. My writings go straight to his desk, none other, to be reviewed per his request.

I have also requested that he write back and tell me step-by-step the procedure of what they are all doing behind the scenes. The first two lyric songs I sent to him both received contracts. One of them was unanimously voted on by the staff, and Tom himself, to be screened right away. That unanimously-voted lyrics piece I signed the contract for, can include Internet as well you can become their “Featured Songwriter” on their website. It passed the screening and is in master recording session as I write and will be released shortly.

In the process, I was writing a third lyric song and sent that one when it was completed, and that one received a contract, too. They then wrote and wanted me to try for their 2012 Christmas CD, this was a notch higher. The only ones on this 2012 Christmas CD have to have been a first-place nominated Grammy Award winner, that being in the choir, band, or singer of a song, and you had to have a personal invitation to have your lyric writings reviewed by them to be selected for the 2012 Christmas CD or you are not allowed to be on it.

They graciously gave me a personal invitation to write two to three Christmas gospel lyric songs to be reviewed by them.

This was in June, when we had the 80 to 90 degree heat and humidity. I was suppose to think Christmas?!!? Throw me in the freezer please!!

I did manage to complete three lyrics Christmas songs for them. They wrote me back to say they chose one of my songs to be screened for album inclusion. I signed the 2012 Christmas contract. In seven business days, I was written that one of my lyric Christmas songs passed and is in the hands of their production team. Then, it will be scheduled for a master recording session, next the editing, the duplication, packaging, publicity, marketing, and the list goes on. They wrote to tell me that they are happy to work with me, and my materials are ideally suited for their project. Like myself, they are looking forward to the release of the compact disc.

I have signed only two contracts out of the four offered; the other two will be going to Nashville, TN. I’m taking a 90-degree turn to country with a touch of gospel. The two that I didn’t sign contracts for, will go with two more country songs that I have written. The four country songs will be reviewed in Nashville instead.

This may put my lyric songs in the hands of Kenny Chesney, Mirranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Reba M., Martina M., Taylor Swift, Rascal Flats, and the list goes on. We’ll see if they like what I have for the lyric country gospel level of entertainment.

It’s one more step in another direction of wonder of where my lyric writings may have potential. The best part of all of this is, not a one of us know one another, the band, the choir, or the person singing my songs. Our gifts will be joined together to touch hearts. I don’t even know what the two songs are going to sound like. I have to wait, just like the rest of the world, to hear my own songs I wrote for all the world to hear.

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