Inspirational Thoughts
Look up . . . God is forever present
September 17, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

My last article that I wrote, I expressed how I was going to take that 90 degree turn to Nashville, TN with my lyric writings.

Well, I did just as I said I was going to do and got my answer in a short time.

I did wonder many days what Nashville was going to think of my lyric songs because this is a talent I have never thought to try to pursue. In all honesty, I have never done it! When asked on my Publicity papers from California, how long I was a lyrics writer? I wrote, zero years and two days. I would have liked to have see their eyes or been able to read their mind about that time when they unanimously voted in one of my lyric songs.

I didn’t feel I had the potential to be with the Grammy Award-winning people. You become so attached to your writings that they become a natural part of you. The potential talent part of it goes over your head like a 747 jet airplane.

As I saw the envelope lay on my kitchen counter from Nashville, I thought, “ well, at least I tried.” I just felt that this was more like home to me, to write country with a little bit of Gospel. I still could take the two lyric songs that I sent to Nashville and go back to California make them Gospel if they didn’t want my lyric songs.

This is some of what they wrote to me.

“Dear Pam,

“What great lyrics you’ve sent us! In fact, we believe the talent you’ve displayed has outstanding hit song potential. So much so that we’re happy to award you a songwriting contract, which we have enclosed.”

“Every Nashville recording artist, including Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, George Strait, Kellie Pickler, plus every other star you’ve heard are all constantly on the lookout for great songs to record. We are in the middle of it all – right on Nashville’s famous Music Row, where the stars work daily to turn out Nashville’s famous music heard around the world.”

All four of my lyric songs have been approved and are covered by a written contract that was enclosed! This is a blessing from God! In times like this you look up for there is a God who is being instrumental with your talents, gifts, and abilities.

You do get choices to what you would like done, like:

• Tempo: uptempo, medium, slow

•Vocal: male, female, duet

• Genre: traditional country, pop country, gospel, pop/rock, R&B.

• Who are your favorite country music artists?

Then, you get to decide if you want a one piece band, five-piece band or a seven-piece band with all the trimmings.

You are also entitled to go with them, doing all the decision planning and then you get what you get by their opinion.

Being the flexible person that I am, I’ll give a few suggestions of my own and then, I will fully give them permission to use their discretion for all four songs to do as they choose.

I feel they work with this everyday and have the knowledge to conform the best country music songs around. I just feel this is a start of another new home for my writings.

The communication skills have been professional from both parties I have had to do business with. I never feel frustrated or feel I don’t know what to do or that my questions haven’t been answered. We’re all on the same page working together making something great happen with our God given talents.

Just look up! We have all been given different talents, gifts, and abilities. God works in different ways through each of us, and we should all serve him faithfully as we use our gifts to honor and glorify him.

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