Inspirational Thoughts
Sharing our gifts with the world around us
December 10, 2012
by Pam Fiecke

As we prepare for the Christmas holiday, it’s apparent that it’s a very busy time of the year, and sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming.

This Christmas, I have brought forth an added touch to the listening world, not any different than when the “Drummer Boy” played his drum for baby Jesus.

Two of my songs, “A Halo and a Set of Golden Wings” and “We Can’t Have Christmas Without Jesus In It,” will be played on the radio by John Mons from KDUZ in Hutchinson.

If you haven’t yet heard the songs this holiday season, you can call KDUZ and put in a request and they would be happy to play either of the two songs for you.

You may also purchase either CD by going to www.hilltoprecords.com, or feel free to contact me.

Moving forward, I thought I’d see what Nashville thought of my writings. I am now with Paramount in Nashville, giving it my best shot. They contracted my songs, and two are completed. One is with a one- piece band and the other with a five-piece band. The other two songs are with a seven-piece band with harmonizing and should be completed shortly.

I then have to have the songs published. They sent me a list of professionals to choose from.

Five days after my songs were contracted through Paramount, the founder of Paramount wrote and expressed a special message to me.

Dear Pam,

I’m Norm Daniels, creative director and founder of Paramount Song. I want to personally tell you how pleased I am that we were able to send you a songwriting contract that could make a real difference in your writing success and in your life. Be assured that not everybody who contacts us gets one of these contracts. In fact, we have to tell “many” writers that they’re not ready for pro songwriting. So you can be sure we mean it when we say we believe your writing shows special talent and great possibilities.

Now, we look forward to working with you just as we do with writers at all levels, from talented beginners who have just sent their first songs or lyrics, to experienced songwriters who have had songs recorded by stars like Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Lee Ann Womack, George Strait, and many others.

The main thing to remember as you get started with us is that every successful songwriter was a beginner at one time, but took that first all-important step and then stuck with it.

We hope you are as happy as we are that you have taken a very important step with your writing. And we look forward, as does everyone at Paramount, to helping you in every way we can to become the successful songwriter you want and deserve to be.”

Best regards, Norm Daniels

May we all bring forth our gifts to share with others, just like the Drummer Boy brought forth his beautiful gift of playing his drum.

And Mary smiled and said, “I’ve heard you play your drum, and I enjoy it so much that I want you to keep your drum and share the gift you have for playing instead.”

The boy was very happy to hear that. He picked up his drum and his little lamb nudged him. He began playing, “rum-pum-pum-pum.”

The Holy Child looked at him, and the music the little boy played made the Baby smile. The boy realized his gift was his best–simple, yet right from his heart.

The best gift we can give is to give of ourselves, a gift we always have to share.

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