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Pieti begins massage therapy at Nesseth Chiropractic Clinic
Monday, Jan. 16, 2012

By Jennifer Kotila
Staff Writer

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – “When I got into massage therapy, my whole desire was to give people rest – whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or all three,” said certified massage therapist Mari (Tormanen) Pieti.

Pieti, who lives in Dassel, recently became the new massage therapist at Nesseth Chiropractic Clinic in Cokato.

Receiving her certification in massage therapy last May from Ridgewater College in Willmar, Pieti began working at Nesseth Chiropractic Clinic in October.

Pieti’s passion is craniosacral therapy (CST), which uses a light-touch approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Although Pieti was introduced to massage therapy in a career exploration class in college before she was married, she rediscovered it when her sister invited her to a myofascial release class at The Natural Nook in Cokato.

“It was unreal; one of those moments that just struck me,” Pieti said. “I thought, without a doubt, this is my future.”

Pieti attended the class in the spring, and by August, was enrolled in massage therapy at Ridgewater College.

It was while attending Ridgewater College that an instructor noticed Pieti’s interest in CST, suggesting she focus on that type of massage.

“I love the head, it’s my passion,” Pieti said.

One of the reasons Pieti was drawn to massage therapy is her family’s lifestyle growing up.

“I was fortunate to have parents involved in healthful living, knowing where our food came from,” Pieti said. “(My family) was into the whole lifestyle before it was en vogue. We were raised in a lifestyle of respecting our bodies.”

Having a therapy room at home, Pieti’s children, Gabby, 11, Tristen, 9, Nadia, 6, and Dominic, 4, often ask her to work on them when they are not feeling right.

“The results have been consistent,” Pieti said. “It has truly been a blessing in our lives.”

Having been a stay-at-home mom since her children were born, Pieti did not intend to begin working so soon after becoming certified. However, the opportunity to join Nesseth came along soon after receiving her certification.

“It was so profound – one of those things you don’t ignore,” Pieti said about the path her career has taken to this point.

About CST

Improving the body’s ability to take care of itself, CST is an alternative form of medicine that helps to relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness, and dysfunction.

The therapist assesses the body for restrictions in the fluid flowing through the central nervous system, and releases them, Pieti said.

A number of symptoms can be relieved using CST. “I’ve had wonderful results for headaches, strains, migraines, and stress,” Pieti said.

Some other ailments which can be relieved using CST include chronic neck and back pain, motor-coordination impairments, brain and spinal cord injuries, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, post-traumatic stress disorder, orthopedic problems, and many other conditions.

A typical CST session takes place in a quiet, private setting with the patient relaxing on a comfortable, padded table.

The therapist gently touches various parts of the patient’s body to monitor the rhythm of the fluid flowing around the central nervous system, listening with her hands for weak fluid flow or tissue motion.

Delicate, manual techniques are used to release problem areas and improve the form and function of the patient’s central nervous system.

As a therapist, Pieti has varying clients, with some wanting craniosacral therapy, some wanting massage, and others wanting both.

“It’s fun to be able to tailor the session. It’s one of the things I enjoy – being able to give the client what they want,” Pieti said.

Massage or CST sessions with Pieti cost $40 for an hour, and $25 for one-half hour.

To schedule a massage or CST session, call Pieti at (612) 845-1537.

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