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Dave Herring Band dives into the book of Revelation
Oct. 1, 2012

The ‘7 Churches Tour’ will begin Friday,Oct. 12 in Dassel

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DASSEL, MN – Revelation is considered one of the most complicated books of the Bible, but through its upcoming “7 Churches Tour,” the Dave Herring Band is trying to simplify it through song.

Like the seven churches that Christ addresses at the start of Revelation, the Dave Herring Band will perform at seven churches across the state this year as it debuts songs based on the last book of the Bible.

The Dave Herring Band was created in 2010 to lead worship for Best Life Ministries based out of Benson. Since then, the members have changed a bit and they are becoming a growing success.

The five members are Dassel Church of Christ Pastor Dave Herring (vocals/piano/hammer dulcimer/guitar), his wife, Amanda (vocal/accordion), James Lundquist of Cokato (bass), Roberto Topiz of Buffalo (drums), and Tom Nelson of Cokato, on the business side of the band as manager.

Dave and Amanda also do a lot of acoustic gigs throughout the state, as well as regionally and nationally. Over Labor Day weekend, the couple performed at a show called Journey To Experience in Los Angeles, CA for 3,000 people.

With the “7 Churches Tour,” the band will use music and art to guide audiences through the themes of Revelation and give a sense of “What on Earth is happening in Heaven,” as Dave explained is the basic theme of the book.

“I describe Revelation like behind the scenes of a movie,” Dave said. “It’s about the past, present, and future of humanity.”

“There is so much worship in Revelation,” Dave writes on the band’s website. “I’d even say I can’t recall more worship described anywhere else in the Bible.”

“Of course there’s judgement, which is primarily what people think of when they think of Revelation. Judgement really isn’t the theme. I really feel like it’s worship,” he said.

Dave describes the music as being more uplifting and upbeat, though there are songs that can be dark and dramatic as appropriate.

“But that’s the thing about Revelation . . . it’s not really a dark and scary book, as most people believe it to be,” he said.

The song “The Door,” for example, is about Revelation Chapter 4, which describes a scene in Heaven in the throne room, where Christ is.

The song paints the picture through words and Amanda, who is also a visual artist, will actually be painting during the concert, as well.

“Our goal is to make this a multi-sensory experience,” Dave said.

As audiences arrive, they will be given a free booklet with each song’s lyrics and they will be asked to give feedback on what they hear and see.

This will give the band an idea of what works and what may need to be tweaked a bit for the eventual album, Dave explained.

“It’s going to be a neat event – probably something no one has experienced before,” Dave commented.

Another song, entitled “To the Churches,” takes the idea of what Christ would say to churches in 2012. Dave wouldn’t reveal any of the lyrics, however. “You have to come to the concert to find out.”

This is the band’s first concert in Dassel. In 2011, the band played in Cokato at the Corn Carnival with previous members of the band.

As part of the “7 Churches Tour,” the band will perform at four churches this fall, and three this winter. See http://daveherring.me for a full schedule.

Free downloads of five of the songs can be previewed through the band’s River and Tree website, at http://riverandtree.com.

Free ‘7 Churches Tour’ concert event

The Dave Herring Band will perform a free concert event Friday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m (doors open at 6 p.m.) at Dassel Church of Christ as part of its “7 Churches Tour.”

The concert will be a preview of its upcoming album based on the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament.

Seating is limited to 150, but reserved seating will be available for those who RSVP on Dave Herring’s Facebook page.

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