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Council allows continuation of outdoor dance permit for Delano Lanes and Entertainment
Sept. 24, 2012

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – Delano City Council approved continuation of the permit issued to Delano Lanes and Entertainment Tuesday night following a recap of recent music events that have taken place at the establishment.

At its Aug 6 meeting, the council granted approval to Delano Lanes and Entertainment to conduct three outdoor music events this fall. The city had received complaints from Delano resident Jon Sutherland regarding noise levels during the first two events that have taken place. No other complaints were received, city staff noted.

Following Sutherland’s complaint from the first event, Mayor Dale Graunke monitored the music event at Delano Lanes and Entertainment Sept. 8. He said his testing indicated compliance with city code and Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) noise regulations.

City Administrator Phil Kern said he has shared this information with the MPCA, and that the MPCA has “signed off” on the event. He said there were no other issues surrounding the Sept. 8 event, but did note there was an anonymous call regarding the noise that evening about the same time Graunke was in the area checking noise levels.

Sutherland was in attendance at the council meeting and had two minutes to speak to the council regarding his complaints. He said he would like the city to work with the business and MPCA to do a qualified noise test and ensure it does comply.

Council Member Dan Vick asked if Sutherland is proposing the city shut down all music events in town that do not meet his criteria, including street dances, the Fourth of July Celebration, football games, etc.

Sutherland said that is not his intent.

“The city has a responsibility to enforce a noise ordinance,” Sutherland said. “They should address it in their permit applications and deal with it.”

Graunke said he felt, as a person who was voted into office, that it was his job to be involved in the process, rather than bringing in someone from out of town and using a lot of time and energy that may not be necessary because there was only one complaint. He detailed his sound level reports to the council and those in attendance.

John Tackaberry, who owns property adjacent to Delano Lanes and Entertainment, expressed frustration with Sutherland, who, he said, stated “all” neighbors were against the live music events at Delano Lanes and Entertainment, and asked why the council was wasting its time talking about a “petty” issue like this.

“I just can’t believe that this could possibly be an item in this community,” Tackaberry said. “Why can’t we let people live? Why can’t we let businesses live? Especially with the blight we have today.”

Tackaberry said he received a letter that was mailed for the initial public hearing regarding the permit request from Delano Lanes and Entertainment. He said he did not attend the hearing or respond because he was supportive of their efforts.

“I didn’t think it was going to go this way,” Tackaberry said.

Addressing Sutherland directly, Tackaberry asked Sutherland to apologize for making a statement in the newspaper that said “all” the neighbors were against it. He also suggested Sutherland withdraw as a candidate for Delano City Council.

Sutherland had approached the podium but was not given the chance to respond as it was not a public hearing.

After the comments, the council voted to allow the continuance of the permit for Delano Lanes and Entertainment to host an additional event in October.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• approved a request from Ridgeview Medical Clinic in Delano for additional signage.

The purpose of the additional signage is to identify the entrance of the different tenants.

• watched a short video from the Girl Scouts regarding the importance of improving water quality and preventing leaves from entering the river.

A Central Park cleanup is planned by the Girl Scouts Saturday, Oct. 13 from 9 a.m. to noon. More than 80 Scouts are already registered, and anyone from the community is encouraged to participate.

• approved the final pay request of $1,430 to Knife River Corporation for 85th Street improvements.

• approved a request from the Delano Area Chamber of Commerce for a temporary on-sale liquor license to provide samples of home-brewed strong beer Sept. 22 for the annual Fall Heritage Festival.

The council also authorized a facility lease with the chamber for use of the Delano City Hall/senior center, the heritage center, and portions of Bridge Avenue and Second Street.

• authorized the city to acquire by conveyance a parcel of tax-forfeited land in Clover Springs for storm water drainage systems.

• approved the purchase of a used sewer camera that will allow the city to inventory its existing system, reduce inflow and infiltration problems, and identify areas where storm water and sump pumps are entering the system.

The cost for the camera is $46,518, which includes a flash card recorder and storage capacity. It was noted this purchase works at this time due to the savings the city realized by purchasing used plow trucks instead of new ones.

• authorized the execution of a facility lease between the City of Delano and the Delano Jaycees for use of Central Park and its buildings for the annual haunted house event.

The event has since been moved to the old hardware store location on Bridge Avenue, as it has been the last several years.

• approved a request from Gordon James Construction for the preliminary and final plat to replat an outlot in the Parkview Hills addition into a single-family lot and block.

The property was annexed into the city in 2003. Stipulations were put in place by the city regarding an expansion of the drainage and utility easement, wetland buffer, and payment of a park dedication fee.

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