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High expectations for Delano’s fireworks display
July 2, 2012

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – If you thought Delano’s Fourth of July fireworks show was good in the past, wait ‘til you see what’s in store this year.

“I can promise that this display is going to be one of the best fireworks displays that Delano has had,” said Greg Glavan, fireworks show co-chair.

The “oohs” and “aahs” will start at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 4. According to Glavan, the best viewing spot for the 25- to 35-minute show is on the dike at Central Park.

“People stake out their spots days in advance,” he said.

Glavan, who has been licensed in pyrotechnics since 1996, and co-chair Chad Stivers, are adding an artistic touch to this year’s show.

“The finale’s going to be very elegant this year, very atypical,” Glavan said. “People will either love it or hate it.”

It will start with whistling rockets, followed by glittering shells and a burst of comets forming a rainbow. Crackling shells, another comet rainbow, and salutes will then light up the sky. And, to top it all off, three 12-inch-diameter rockets (donated by Steve Gilmer, president of the State Bank of Delano) will be blasted into the air.

Last year, the show included a mega 16-inch shell donated by the State Bank of Delano, Maratona Communications, Flippin Bill’s, Coborn’s, and the Bauman Financial Group.

“We weren’t able to get the 16-inch this year because the US Department of Transportation created a new level of fireworks classification for larger caliber shells,” Glavan said, explaining that the short notice did not give manufacturers enough time to comply with the requirements for the Delano show.

Even so, it’s unlikely that fireworks enthusiasts will be disappointed with this year’s performance.

In addition to the three 12-inch shells during the finale, another 12-inch shell (donated by Glavan) will be fired earlier in the show.

“People will know it’s coming, because there’ll be smiley face fireworks preceding it,” said Glavan, explaining that as a dentist at Crow River Dental in Delano, smiley faces are part of his logo.

Glavan and Stivers are planning to prepare the launch site and dig the holes for the mortars days in advance.

“Most people don’t know that putting on a fireworks show is labor-intensive,” Glavan said.

The job will be easier this year, however, because of Doug Vick of Delano Rental.

“He’s allowing us to use, free of charge, a mini bobcat with an auger attachment to bore the holes for the larger caliber mortars,” Glavan said, adding that he is extremely appreciative of Vick’s generosity.

For Glavan, creating a dazzling fireworks display for others to enjoy is well worth all the prep work and cleanup.

“We try to make sure they get a good display every year,” he said. “In an economy where a lot of municipalities are cutting back on their fireworks display, Delano hasn’t done that. Delano doesn’t skimp on their fireworks.”

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