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New studio opens in Dassel
Aug. 20, 2012

Gall Dang Studio features local artwork

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DASSEL, MN – Artist Chantal Boon of Dassel thinks of her artwork as pseudo realism.

“I love the realistic elements, but it falls naturally into the surrealistic category,” she said.

Boon, a 1990 Annandale High School graduate, gets her artistic abilities from both sides of her family.

Her late fraternal grandfather, Joseph Boon traveled, selling his paintings of nature and ocean scenes.

“I was inspired that he was able to live his life making a living and doing what he loved,” Boon said of her grandfather.

Her maternal great-grandfather was also an artist, whose oil paintings can still be seen in churches throughout the area, Boon explained.

Boon has always been an artist.

In her early years, she would paint on aluminum printing press plates that her grandfather would use to side his fish houses.

“As an artist, I think you use what’s there,” Boon said.

Since then, she has done a fair share of oil paintings on paper and canvas, getting inspiration through observation. Many of the pieces she has worked on are based on experiences in her life.

For example, her 6-year-old daughter, Gorgia, was given a chick in school and Boon has since been using chickens in her paintings. She recently realized that her daughter’s new pet is a rooster, and is including a rooster in her current painting.

Yet, she also likes to paint vague figures. “I find that with the vague figures, people can identify with them in their own way,” Boon said.

Having begun painting on aluminum, metal is Boon’s medium of choice.

While living in Alaska (she’s also lived in Colorado and California), Boon painted a Harley Davidson gas tank with a winter scene on one side, and a summer scene on the other.

She also is into classic cars – her first love was a baby blue 1966 Ford Fairlane – and is excited about her most recent endeavor in which she uses parts of classic cars to frame her work.

For example, she is currently working on a piece that will use a passenger door of a 1958 Ford Edsel, a piece she found at French Lake Auto Parts.

The piece will be as if someone is looking through the door and out the driver’s side window, Boon explained.

“I love it,” Boon said. “It’s nice to see it all come together.”

She is hoping to have this particular artwork completed by October, just in time for her to display it at the Hotrod Round Up in St. Cloud, an event hosted by Hotrod Junkies.

Gall Dang Studio opens

Though Boon has always enjoyed painting, she put it mostly on hold while raising her two children (along with Gorgia, she has a 15-year-old son, Jolius).

Since moving back to Minnesota in 2008, Boon is getting back into it. Her work can be seen in the murals outside Divas salons in Kimball and Annandale.

Boon has also had her art on display outside Ann Schwartz’s occasional store.

To have both the convenience of working in a studio and being able to put her art on display, Boon opened Gall Dang Studio in Dassel, a space she rents from Bob Wilde, which is located on Third Street, across from the cafe.

Though her hours will vary, she plans to be open Thursday through Saturday the same weekend as occasional sales in Dassel (typically the last full weekend of the month).

As far as the studio’s name goes, Boon attributes it to Minnesota talk.

Returning to the state after 18 years, Boon realized how much she missed that distinctive language that can only be heard this close to Canada.

“Part of being back in the Midwest is enjoying the people here and the language I was raised hearing, and when I went to name my business, I wanted that element,” Boon said.

To see some of Boon’s work, visit her online at www.chantalboon.com or stop in during this weekend’s sales.

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