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Mayer woman aims to give job seekers an edge
Feb. 6, 2012

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

MAYER, MN – From her artistic home in rural Mayer to her proofreading/marketing business, Jules Miller has a keen eye for presentation.

“I’m just a huge detail-oriented person,” she said. “I can’t help it.”

Miller’s meticulous personality, along with her 20-plus years in design, business, and marketing, have helped her create a business called Just Get Jules.

One of Miller’s specialties is developing resumés, business cards, and other career materials for job-seeking clients.

“As the saying goes, you only have that one chance to make that first great impression,” she said. “What you’re reading has to be visually appealing, or nobody wants to read it. My thought was, use graphic design to jazz up the mundane.”

Miller creates a subtle “brand” for her clients, based on their individual career goals and personalities.

“You have to differentiate yourself,” she explained.

Everything, from the type of paper used to the material of the presentation folder, is carefully selected.

“When you go into an interview, you need to look like the expert you are,” Miller said.

Miller utilizes a similar approach when branding for businesses, and is also a self-trained editor and proofreader.

Her affinity toward words began at a young age.

“I just really grew up reading,” she said, adding that her father, a superintendent, had a library named after him.

Miller, who has degrees in business, art, and interior design, started off in the business world.

Her first job was at an investment firm, working with gold, silver, and gemstones.

After 10 years there, Miller worked in other facets of the jewelry industry, such as direct mail, wholesale exports/imports, collectibles, retail, and design.

“I worked with people right out of the diamond mines,” she said.

However, with the fluctuating prices of gold and silver, Miller eventually decided to switch to a more stable industry.

It was then that she delved into the world of advertising agencies and design firms.

“Because of my varied background, I was called a utility person,” Miller said, adding that she’s also been referred to as a marketing manager, creative director, project director, salesperson, client account executive, and designer.

“You can call me whatever you want,” she said. “Basically, I know how to get things done.”

Miller was known as the go-to person for questions, and others started using the phrase, “just get Jules,” which later became her business name.

Miller doesn’t limit her creative pursuits to work, however.

“My favorite hobby, as an artist, is stained glass,” she said, adding that she teaches community education courses on the subject.

She also enjoys decorating her home, which features a different theme in each room.

“I love to arrange things,” she said. “Colors, placement, and balance can create a feeling of energy, or calm.”

To learn more about Just Get Jules, call (612) 670-9987 or e-mail jules@justgetjules.com.

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