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Larson and Schiroo seek DFL endorsement for District 18
April 9, 2012

Steve Schiroo seeks endorsement for Senate District 18 seat

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

Long-time Dassel resident Nancy Larson has filed as a DFL candidate for state legislature in hopes of going up against Dean Urdahl in the November election.

Larson decided that, after years of standing outside the Minnesota House Chambers as a lobbyist for Greater Minnesota Cities, it was time to run for an inside seat.

“I am known as someone who works well with both sides of the aisle,” Larson said in her announcement letter last week. “I am also known as someone who will oppose anyone who proposes legislation detrimental to rural Minnesota,” she added. Larson has spent 18 years as executive director of the Minnesota Association of Small Cities.

She was also a reporter for the Dassel-Cokato Enterprise Dispatch from 1980 to 1990.

One of the reason’s Larson felt it was time to run is the “lopsided property tax bill,” she said.

“Greater Minnesota property owners took the biggest hit when the legislature eliminated the Market Value Homestead Credit program last year, and I can’t understand why our local legislators didn’t oppose it,” Larson said, adding that small businesses were especially hard hit, putting them at a disadvantage when competing with businesses in the metro area.

Schiroo seeks Senate endorsement

Steve Schiroo originally announced his candidacy for the House District 18A seat at the precinct caucuses in February. He has since declared he is seeking endorsement for the Senate seat in District 18 instead.

His reason for changing partly had to do with the new redistricting.

Having graduated from Glencoe-Silver Lake in 2004, and moving with his family to Dassel in 2006, Schiroo found he had links to a majority of the Senate district.

He also found that he was the only DFL candidate running in the district. He originally thought 2010 DFL candidate Hal Kimball would run again for Newman’s seat, but Kimball has chosen not to run.

Knowing Larson was interested in running for the House seat, Schiroo chose to run for Senate.

“I’ve got the energy to run for Senate,” he said.

Schiroo currently lives and works in Cokato, and has been interested in politics since he was 6 years old.

He has volunteered in local campaigns and was a delegate at the 2010 Meeker County Convention.

A DFL candidate for both the House and Senate seats will be endorsed at the Senate District 18 convention Thursday, April 19 at the Victorian Inn in Hutchinson.

House District 18A now includes all of Meeker County, Cokato and Cokato Township in Wright County, and the western half of Hutchinson, as well as the townships of Hutchinson, Acoma and Lynn in McLeod County.

Senate District 18 includes the counties of Sibley, Meeker, and McLeod, the city of Cokato and Cokato Township.

Changes due to redistricting

With the new redistricting maps released in February, Cokato and Cokato Township have become a part of the Meeker County DFL organizing unit now called Meeker-Cokato DFL.

The district now crosses county and congressional lines, allowing one delegate and one alternate representing Cokato and Cokato Township at the 6th Congressional District Convention and the state convention. The GOP meets Saturday, April 14 in Mounds View; DFL meets the same day in Blaine.

As a whole, Meeker County is allowed four delegates to attend the 7th Congressional District and the state convention. GOP meets Tuesday, April 17 in Glenwood; DFL meets Saturday, April 21 in Mahnomen.

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