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Eleven compete for Delano ambassador title
June 25, 2012

By Allison Christensen

DELANO, MN – Delano ambassador candidates strutted their stuff across the jungle-themed stage in the Delano Middle School auditorium Wednesday.

The 11 candidates completed a series of challenges to prove to the audience and to the judges that they should be crowned a 2012-2013 Delano ambassador.

To start the night off, the candidates all danced together to a medley of upbeat pop songs with fun choreography.

After the dance, the program took a “commercial break.” Each candidate interviewed her sponsors and created a commercial to promote them.

After the commercials, the audience got to learn a little more about the candidates. Each candidate dressed in an outfit that defined her, and presented five objects that represented something about her. Many of the candidates spoke about their extracurricular activities, such as sports and volunteering, and their hobbies.

Next, the candidates glided across the stage in their formal attire, demonstrating their sense of style and poise.

Then, it was time to get serious. Each candidate was escorted onto the stage to answer the question, “Do you feel that it is worthwhile for a student to participate in volunteer work?” Every candidate answered, “Yes.” They spoke about the joy of getting involved in the community, meeting new people, discovering new things, giving back to others, preparing for the future, and learning more about themselves.

After each candidate had her say, they all lined up on the stage for the awards ceremony. The award for selling the most Delano 4th of July Celebration buttons went to Amber Doboszenski.

The candidates participated in an essay contest in which they had to write about a female who has inspired them. Emma Kopp’s essay about a woman who paved the way for women in the professional world, Elizabeth Blackwell, won first place.

The final award was the Miss Congeniality award. Based on qualities such as friendliness and helpfulness, the candidates voted for who they thought should win. The Miss Congeniality award went to Amber Doboszenski.

Only three of the 11 candidates will be crowned Delano ambassadors. Those lucky three will take part in parades and coronations all over the area, volunteer with the school and community, and participate in the Delano Fourth of July celebration. One of them will be chosen to attend the Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration and will have a chance to be crowned Queen of the Lakes. Representing Delano at the Aquatennial this year is 2011-12 Delano ambassador Kara Burley.

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