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Darwin resident writes first book on travels
JAN. 2, 2011

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DARWIN, MN – With more than 30 years of travel under his belt, Darwin resident David Rohy decided to share some of his experiences from around the world in his first published book, “A Funny Thing Happened When I Was In . . .”

Rohy’s travel stories actually began when he was just a boy in third grade and he traveled to California with his family.

Those early days of traveling started the wanderlust and likely had something to do with his career choices.

Rohy spent 10 years working as a business analyst for Northwest Airlines. After the merger with Republic, Rohy decided it was time to move on, and then spent 21 years working for Unisys, a diverse software company, in support and sales.

Both jobs required him to travel a lot, sending him to every country in Europe. He figures there is a story in his book from each of them. Rohy also spent eight months in Yugoslavia, and several months in Australia, as well.

The only places he hasn’t explored, Rohy said, is Africa and the Middle East, which he hopes to visit for the sequel.

The title of the book is a spin off of the play “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” Rohy said, with each chapter representing a different country.

One of his favorite stories that he shares in his book is when he and his wife Joyce spend their first anniversary in Italy and Greece.

Both speak in foreign languages, including German, and his wife, also speaks Portuguese, having been a foreign exchange student in Brazil.

While at a restaurant in Rome, across from the Trevi Fountain, they met a couple from Brazil who recently spent time as foreign exchange students in Germany.

The two couples spent the evening conversing in seven different languages, making a memorable event for Rohy.

Every story has some little twist, Rohy said, with at least one humorous anecdote from most of the 70 countries he has visited.

“I am encouraged that when I have shared these stories with others, they were always met with a positive reaction – from a knowing smile and a nod to an outright belly laugh. I hope you find similar enjoyment,” Rohy said.

The book is currently available on the publisher’s website by clicking here and Rohy hopes to make it available through additional online outlets, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and e-book options soon.

For further information, please contact the author at rohy@mchsi.com or (320) 275-9411, or the publisher at www.publishamerica.com or 301- 695-1707.

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