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Trail repairs are a go
JUNE 11, 2012

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DASSEL, COKATO, MN – The much-talked-about repairs on the DC Regional Trail will soon become a reality.

During a trail board meeting Thursday, the members approved the lowest of two bids for 1.5 miles of repairs. The bid was awarded to Hardrives, out of St. Cloud, at a cost of $54,914. Members present included Cokato Mayor Gordy Erickson, Dassel Mayor Mike Scanlon, Karl Townsend, Dassel Township supervisor; and Ken Bakke, Cokato council member.

The 1.5 miles includes repairs from 735th Avenue (Spring Lake) to the county line.

The total contributions from the four entities, along with other donations, exceeds $100,000, allowing for additional repairs to be done on the east end of the trail.

Townsend suggested the remainder of the money be spent on repairs from Pittman Avenue, just west of the golf course, to just east of the high school/middle school campus.

Previously, the discussion was to do repairs starting at Daniel’s Family Restaurant going west, but after further evaluation, Townsend said the trail is fairly good still in that area and worse to the west.

This will leave repairs and sealcoating yet to be done from the county line east to the school and in front of the golf course. Sealcoating these areas could still be a possibility this year, or become top priority for next year.

The board members thanked Townsend for his hard work in working out the project details and getting bids.

Also present at the meeting was Dave Danielson, who was instrumental in the construction of the original trail in the 1990s.

The board thanked him for having the foresight and determination to begin with, making the trail possible.

“I’m just glad somebody’s picking up the ball and running with it,” Danielson said.

Following a pre-construction meeting, the project is expected to begin by early July.

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