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View of Winsted’s lakeside at sunset wins logo competition
JUNE 18, 2012

By Linda Scherer
Staff Writer

WINSTED, MN – The winner of Winsted’s 125th anniversary logo design competition is Art Guggemos.

His entry was inspired by the city’s skyline at sunset, and was chosen by the committee, from a number of submissions, as the design that best represents the town of Winsted.

“We were very impressed with Art’s logo, and it captured the city, a view of Winsted Lake that a lot of people are familiar with,” anniversary committee member Jeff Campbell said.

“We also liked its features. It’s round, and we liked the wording, and it looks good in black and white which worked out for anniversary buttons, T-shirts, and mugs.”

Guggemos, who received $100 in Winsted Bucks for winning the contest, was recently shown the results of his logo design in bronze by Dennis Scherping of AWI Manufacturing.

Scherping was given the task of taking the logo design and having it made into an anniversary medallion.

Working with CD Products in Waconia, Scherping had two different size medallions machined out of solid, lead free bronze.

A 10-pound bronze medallion, 12 inches in diameter, will be presented to the Winsted City Council at its Tuesday, June 19 council meeting. The medallion will be displayed in the city’s archives.

Scherping also had a smaller version made for an upcoming medallion hunt, which will be part of the city’s anniversary celebration in August. More information about the hunt and clues will follow in future Herald Journal newspapers.

“I had no idea they were going to do the logo in bronze,” Guggemos said. “I think they (medallions) are beautiful.”

Guggemos said he chose the view of the city across Winsted Lake because, “I have always thought that it’s an attractive scene.”

“Every time we come from the east, we comment about the town,” he said. “Even the kids, when they were little, would say, ‘I see the tower.’”

Winsted’s 125th anniversary logo isn’t the first artistic contribution Guggemos has made to the Winsted community.

He has enjoyed drawing most of his life, and his talent was already well-known to his 1941 Holy Trinity High School classmates when they did “The Trivium,” the first-ever Holy Trinity yearbook.

The class couldn’t afford to have their individual photos in the yearbook, so Guggemos was recruited to draw them.

Although Guggemos certainly had the expertise to do the drawings, the work wasn’t a very easy task, since it required him to draw the pictures on stencils used for a mimeograph machine.

“It was really very difficult to do because you had to etch into a blue wax paper,” Guggemos said. “You couldn’t just draw it and that made it tough.”

Whatever the difficulties, the profiles appearing in the yearbook carry a remarkable resemblance to each of the Holy Trinity 1941 graduates.

After high school, Guggemos continued his drawing and has kept sketch pads of his work. The drawings that he sketched of famous people at that time, Lana Turner, Claudette Colbert, Clark Gable, Maureen O’Hara, and more, are easily recognizable.

“I still enjoy looking at these sketches,” Guggemos said.

Always watching for an opportunity to draw, just before World War II, Guggemos submitted several sketches of “Draw Me!” girls advertised as a competition in the newspaper.

“You would see these ads, ‘draw me,’ inside the Minneapolis newspaper. Every week they would have a different one,” Guggemos said. “I entered when I was a senior, or maybe the year after, and I won a scholarship, about the time the war broke out. I never did get to go (to art school). I had to go into the service.”

Following the war, Guggemos was given another opportunity to use his talent working for Sterner Lighting for 34 years until he retired.

“I worked from the ground up,” Guggemos said. “But those early years were some tough years, when Sterner first started.”

After several years of doing odd jobs, Guggemos became a draftsman, learning on the job.

“I did the mechanical design,” Guggemos said. “We were a custom house. The stylish design was most likely done by the landscape architects. They would bring the design to us and we had to put it into practice, and sometimes modify the design a little bit so it would work.”

In the late ‘70s, Guggemos helped design another logo, for Holy Trinity Church and School.

The logo was used for more than 20 years on the church’s and school’s stationery letterhead, envelopes, newsletters, and signs.

There was even a large logo, made from Guggemos’ design, that hung in the back of the church for several years.

Today, Guggemos prefers to do his artwork in oil, and has many of his paintings hanging in his home.

More on Winsted’s 125th anniversary

Winsted’s 125th, or quasquicentennial, anniversary celebration is to take place the week of Monday, Aug. 6 through Sunday, Aug. 12.

The anniversary committee is planning a week-long celebration in conjunction with the Winsted Summer Festival.

The 125th Anniversary Committee includes co-chairs Tom Ollig and Gary Lenz, and Winsted Summer Festival Chair Dale Maus.

For more information about the upcoming celebration or to join the committee, contact Maus at or dymaus @tds.net; or Ollig at (320) 485-3987 or ollig@tds.net.

To help with publishing Winsted’s 125-year history, contact Lenz at (320) 485-4310 or gary.lenz@gds.com.

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