Spring is coming
March 18, 2013
by Jenni Sebora

March madness it is. We have gone to basketball game after basketball game for boys’ and girls’ playoffs. Getting home late. Getting up early. Homework. My kids’ own ball games. Practices. Pep band. More ball games. Conferences. And the list goes on. March is mad. Mad, but fun.

The weather has been mad, too. We Minnesotans take the weather in stride, but we all hit our breaking points. There is still so much snow that it is hard to even contemplate the green underneath and flowers blossoming. With daylight hours increasing, thoughts of the emergence of spring are beginning to blossom.

A friend of our family gifted us with a potted spring bulb garden. The purple tulips are emerging. Ahh, yes. At least I can “do” spring indoors, and I have. I have gotten out my window décor of a robin statue, a frog holding a shovel and a tulip, and some yellow ceramic chicks. Open up the curtains and let the sun shine in. That helps.

Walking in the fresh air makes a huge difference. The other day, on my birthday, which was the beginning of “spring break” for me, I stepped outside and took a deep breath and, in an “outdoor voice,” I joyously yelled, “Happy birthday.” That felt good.

It sounds a little crazy, but sometimes you have to pass on well wishes to yourself. I also live in the “country” so I believe no one else heard me – except maybe for some birds, rabbits, and a squirrel.

During my spring break week, I have taken my daughter to the doctor for a sprained ankle, brought my son in for a vision screening, gone to our sub-regional varsity Knowledge Bowl meet, picked up my daughter from school because she was ill, gone to yet a couple more basketball games (this is a positive thing), caught up on laundry, given the dogs baths and haircuts, vacuumed the vehicle, brought my daughter and her friends to a coffeeshop for a little birthday treat for her (and me, too), went for a few runs, and finally, had coffee and conversation with a good friend of mine. I wonder, sometimes, how we mothers have time to fit work in, too.

At the end of each evening, I did pick up a book, but as usual, read the same words over and over as I drowsed off to sleep. Who’s complaining though? I feel lucky that I can do that.

Spring is on its way. It’s March madness month, with all the high school sports play-offs. Schools are on spring break. Easter is upon us. Baseball, softball, track, and spring play practices have just begun – or soon will be. And soon, if not already, we will be seeing that first robin that tells us most definitely, spring is springing.

Hang in there. Finish that good book. Drink some iced tea or lemonade. Take a good deep breath outside and maybe even yell out a healthy positive holler to yourself. Soon, the spring will be back in our steps and in our weather, too.

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