April showers bring May flowers
April 15, 2013
by Jenni Sebora

Okay you all, “April showers bring May flowers.”

With what seems to have been fall, winter, and spring all rolled up into one season, we have to look on the positive side. April showers really do bring May flowers. This quote, verse, or whatever you want to call it, reminds us all about the virtue of patience.

We do know that rain is needed to continue nature’s life cycle. Rain feeds the ground and the plants, which in turn, with patience, bring us those beautiful May flowers and green grass.

While we are practicing patience, we can bring spring indoors – buy a bouquet of tulips for your table, take a visit to your local greenhouse where spring is really in bloom, Enjoy the sights and smells, take a visual tour, plan your garden, or take a planting class.

My youngest daughter and I are going to plant a miniature fairy garden via a class at our local garden center.

Several years ago, my middle daughter and I took a fairy garden class. We had so much fun picking out what plants would serve as the fairy shrubbery, trees, and lawn. We then added some miniature tools, such as a little manual lawn mower, a spade, a pail, and a small garden lawn chair. We made a walkway with some small pebbles. Last, but most important, was the introduction of the fairy to its garden. I am sure she was pleased.

All of this wild weather will make us even more appreciative of the May flowers, sunny skies, and warm weather once it does appear and transforms the outdoors.

Preparing some spring dishes can help bring spring indoors, as well. I love spinach salad with strawberries, almonds, sesame seeds, and poppy seed oil dressing.

Of course, kids love to be in the kitchen. How about making some dirt pudding with your youngsters? My kids love this – chocolate pudding mixed with whipped topping and crushed Oreos.

My middle daughter loves the job of making the “dirt.” Put some Oreos in a plastic Baggie. Close it up. Crush with spoon, fork, and rolling pin. Sprinkle on top of the pudding and add the creepy crawlers – gummy worms. This is a favorite of my kids. Dirt and worms. The epitome of spring.

Plant a small herb garden inside. Don’t you love adding fresh herbs to a dish, or some iced tea? Especially, when they are home grown.

Fly a kite. Even if the weather is cooler, flying a kite just makes one feel like spring. My husband, daughter, and I did just that recently. Our daughter’s Easter basket contained a kite. Off we went, and so did the kite. It did not take long for the kite to take flight.

It is also sidewalk chalk time. My daughter and I drew a flower garden on our cement driveway. Hopscotch, and our family’s favorite, four squares, are games that can be easily drawn and played on the driveway.

Take heart. Spring weather will be here. Won’t we be thankful? April showers will bring May flowers.

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