Summer reads: can’t wait for more
July 15, 2013
by Jenni Sebora

I hope you have had some time to relax and delve into some good summer reads.
With the flying critters going crazy on us this summer, it is hard to sit in a lawn chair outside to relax and read. Hopefully, you are finding some days at the beach or some breezy days at home that keep the mosquitoes at bay, somewhat anyway.
My youngest daughter and I leave a couple books in the car, so she can read to me as I taxi her to various activities. I love to hear her read. She loves to read aloud, and we are both entrenched in the mystery story she has been reading.
Just recently, we headed to Excelsior’s Water Street to visit the shops, eat some ice cream, and sit by the water. The little book store is an inevitable stop. My teenage daughter chose a teen novel, “The Catastrophic History of You & Me,” by Jess Rothenberg. This is a good thing. She is a good reader, but reading is not a top hobby for her.
A New York Times bestseller, “The Girl Who Could Fly,” by Victoria Forester was my youngest daughter’s pick. This is another book I will have to read along with my other daughter’s choice. So many good books to read! (I will have to leave a book in both bathrooms, the car, my bedroom, and the den).
And, I can’t believe it, but my son declined to choose one. He looked, but decided he has an array of books he wants to read still sitting in his bookshelf. I understand his predicament. I have so many books that I want to read, and of course, never have enough time.
Barnes and Noble, or really any bookstore, are favorite places for us to spend a few hours at. It even enhances the time when coffee is sold, too. Coffee, books, and time with my kids and hubby, too – my favorite things.
While on a college tour with our son, we stopped in the city of Northfield for a bite to eat and to browse the pretty little city. We, of course, came across a bookstore that sold new and used books. Our son hit the jackpot as he found a book he has been looking for to complete a series. Good find at a good price.
We are heading to one of our favorite cities, Duluth, for a couple of days. I am sure we will “come upon” a bookstore there, as well, as we tour this wonderful city.
There are a lot of wonderful adventures in our lovely state of Minnesota (if we can keep the ‘squitoes at bay) – Duluth, Northfield, Excelsior’s Water Street, Brainerd area, Stillwater, Rochester, Winona area, and the list goes on. We have so many charming little cities that offer so much in character, architecture, shops, lakes, beaches, bistros, and restaurants.
Our lovely state of Minnesota has a lot to offer, not to mention the major tourist spots of the Mall of America, Valleyfair, and our various sporting and event centers.
Take advantage with the summer we have left and head for a day or two with your kids and family and enjoy a great spot in our own wonderful state.
Our next stop is Duluth, then a day’s trip to Stillwater. I can’t wait.

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