Is it today?
September 9, 2013
by Pastor Tim Wheatley, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cokato

Grace and peace to you all out there in newspaper land.

This week, my wife and I wait for the birth of our third child, and truly, I do not know what to expect.

Of course, there is the whole knowledge that we have a new life to care for, and I can anticipate the changes this new life will bring to my family. But that is too large of a thought for me this morning. Instead, my thought is smaller because I am up early and trying to plan out my week.

The simple fact is, I do not know when he will arrive. Each morning, I get up and think, “Is it today?”

When I make my list of things to do tomorrow before I leave work, I always wonder if I should write on the bottom of the list, “Attend birth of new child.”

But, while I don’t know exactly when, I do know he is coming. And with his birth, I know my life will change, but I do not know exactly how or when.

In many ways, it is exactly like God’s entry into our lives. We pray and we ask God to use us, which God will do when we pray, but we do not know how or when he will make that entry into our lives.

I hope we all are as excited about the new tasks and ways of loving our neighbors as ourselves, as I am about the imminent birth of my child.

I hope that in the morning when you wake up, you are excited that this day, God might use you in some amazing way.

Pray that God will lead you, and then wait to see how God will use you in this world.

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