Inspirational Thoughts
The winter blues
February 25, 2013
by Pam Fiecke

This winter has been extremely hard on all of us, no matter where you live in Minnesota.

As we go from day to day we all experience many unpredictable mood changes due to the weather. They call this “Mother Nature.”

The snow, sleet, wind, fog, and below-freezing temperatures can only bring to mind, a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm us up, a soft warm blanket to cuddle with in front of the TV, or a good book to read.

The roads are hard to travel on from the onset of our travel to our final destination.

In some portions of the road, you may have dry pavement, and then in the next minute, you are on snow-packed, glare ice roads.

Then you turn on your radio or TV and sigh when the meteorologist says, “There’s more snow and a drop in temperature on the way.”

At moments like these, it’s hard to tell another person you’re having a good day.

In these wintery weather situations, the first thought that should ever enter your mind is to keep you and your family safe. Try to avoid unnecessary travel, drive cautiously, have extra food on hand, and stay warm.

In times likes these, we may even feel a little bit scared or nervous, but the good Lord always watches over us and protects us. There is much comfort in just knowing that.

In due time, all the snow will melt, the roads will be dry, and we will have accommodating weather once again to once again brighten our day.

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