Inspirational Thoughts
Carrying on in Jesus' footsteps
March 25, 2013
by Pam Fiecke

Every year as Easter approaches, the stores find ways to display their Easter merchandise that catches your attention.

There are beautiful, filled baskets, with jelly beans, chocolate Easter bunnies, and candy in many different varieties.

Easter lilies, and Easter dresses, hats, and frilly socks.

Everything about Easter gives a calm, soothing, fresh thought of a new beginning.

Easter brings together the conclusion, or final purpose of Jesus’ life on earth.

Looking up at the cross, we see a humble man; a man who performed works of creative brilliance no other man could possibly attain.

Over and over – we hear still today – the numerous parables of Jesus. He focused those parables on compassion, humanitarian dignity, and respect, based on that four-letter word – love.

By listening and His gentle touch, He offered His followers hope and wholeness.

Jesus didn’t just help people; He inspired others to follow His steps and encouraged His example to live on in the hearts of others.

His love for mankind encompassed the world through His teachings, which He left for us to carry on in His footsteps.

As we focus our attention on the cross at Easter time, we can’t help but see a tree that once was rooted and became a wooden cross. Three nails that held Him on the cross, and a crown of thorns upon His head proved that He had completed His work in the world.

Out of all this, the greatest need was mastered. Our greatest need was forgiveness.

Easter is the Christian observance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and his resurrection days later.

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