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HL city staff works to improve PACT 10
Dec. 16, 2013

By Tara Mathews
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, MN–Howard Lake Public Access Cable Television 10 (PACT 10) is in a renovation process, according to City Administrator Nick Haggenmiller.

The public access channel will soon have new equipment, programming, and a new operator.

The city has retained MoreCom owner, Kyle Moorehead, who is a Howard Lake native, to help install equipment and improve the space in which PACT 10 is operated.

Moorehead was chosen, in part, because he was previously an intern for PACT 10, according to Haggenmiller.

MoreCom specializes in helping cities update and improve their public access stations. It has also worked with the state capitol and the Orpheum theater, Haggenmiller said.

The reason for revamping the public access channel is partially financial, and operating costs will be less than the amount of money the city receives from Mediacom for the channel, Haggenmiller commented.

“No tax dollars will be used for PACT 10,” Haggenmiller stated.

Deputy Clerk Jennifer Nash will complete the day-to-day operation of PACT 10, and Haggenmiller will assist with any tasks necessary.

“The reorganization and increased PACT10 efforts are, in large part, thanks to Jennifer Nash,” Haggenmiller said.

He hopes to have the most relevant, up-to-date information as possible on the public access channel, Haggenmiller added.

“Print material received at city hall will be televised on PACT 10 within 24 hours,” he stated.

City staff are asking the community to become more involved with the new PACT 10 cable offerings by submitting photos and information to Haggenmiller, he said.

“Pictures of Howard Lake buildings, playgrounds, or community events will be greatly appreciated,” Haggenmiller stated.

Though submissions to PACT 10 are not meant for use by businesses to advertise, there will eventually be banners and spots designed for highlighting local businesses, according to Haggenmiller.

One benefit to the improvements will be the consistency of information on PACT 10, the city website, and the city’s Facebook page.

At this time, the city does not have any original productions, other than city council meetings, to air on PACT 10.

“We hope the community groups, such as the school, service groups, non-profits, and churches, will begin to televise their events and meetings with PACT 10,” Haggenmiller commented.

“If residents have questions or concerns, I would love to hear from them,” Haggenmiller said. “We want to hear from the public about this.”

Questions, comments or information for PACT 10 can be e-mailed to Haggenmiller at cityadmin@howard-lake.mn.us.

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