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Recycling gets simpler in Delano
Jan. 28, 2013

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – Life has become a little easier for Delano residents lately, at least in terms of paper, plastic, bottles, and cans.

Beginning Jan. 13, Randy’s Environmental Services began offering single-sort recycling services, which means all recyclables can go into one container. The weekend before service started, a brown 65-gallon cart with a tan lid was delivered to each home for this purpose.

Although the former plastic bins will no longer be used for recycling, Randy’s encourages residents to reuse them for storage in their homes. Anyone who is not interested in keeping the bin can contact Randy’s to arrange for a pickup.

Acceptable items for single-sort recycling include the following:

• milk, juice, and soup cartons (plastic spout removed)

• plastic containers (numbers 1 through 7)

• aluminum beverage cans

• metal food cans

• glass bottles and jars (all colors)

• juice boxes

• boxboard (i.e. cereal, cracker, shoe boxes)

• newspaper

• cardboard

• mixed mail

• magazines

• office paper/envelopes

A few items that are not accepted include plastic bags, plastic hangers, egg cartons, Styrofoam, pizza boxes, soiled paper, window/mirror/plate glass, ceramic, porcelain, toys, dishes, motor oil containers, metal car parts, or flower pots.

Recycling is picked up every other week. For homes north of Highway 12, pickup is this week. For homes south of Highway 12, pickup is the week of Feb. 4. Recycling carts should be placed at least three feet away from garbage containers and mailboxes.

Along with the change to single-sort recycling, Randy’s has started offering a program called Blue Bag Organics for recycling food waste and food-soiled paper. The cost is included in the new single-sort recycling fee.

Those who participate receive a Blue Bag Organics can and lid, 60 biodegradable can liners per year, and a ventilated kitchen compost bucket. Several types of compostable items can be placed in the bags, such as pizza boxes, tea bags, paper towels, coffee grounds and filters, spoiled leftovers, and more.

After the bags and their contents are buried at an industrial composting facility, they disintegrate in less than 60 days. In the spring, all participants will receive a coupon for a complimentary bag of compost, which is made out of the biodegradable bags.

The fee for the new single-sort recycling is $4 per household, which includes the Blue Bag Organics program. The previous two-sort recycling fee was $2.50.

The fee for trash pickup has not changed, and remains at $9.85 per month for a 35-gallon container, $13.45 for a 65-gallon container, and $15.55 for a 95-gallon container.

For more information or to sign up for the Blue Bag Organics program, e-mail custserv@randyssanitation.com or call (763) 972-3335.

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