A special day to show your love
Jan. 27, 2014
by Jenni Sebora

The special day is nearing, that smacks us in the face to remind us to show, and tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, and it is a good thing we have a day that does just that.

Here is a scenario that is all too familiar for most of us. It has been a long, busy day. You get home from work, and, of course, your day is just beginning at home. There is more work to do, dinner to make, homework help with kids, and the list goes on. Your spouse gets home from work and you hit him/her with, “Did you remember to pick up milk and bread?”

You get what I mean. Instead of, “Hi, how was your day? It is good to see you,” we get right to the gut, and forget that they are human and need some tender, loving care, too, especially from people who are supposed to be their support system.

How we greet our loved ones can certainly set the tone for the relationship status for the day.

We do love them immensely, but, all too often, we forget to tell them.

Valentine’s Day is a good reminder that we need to outwardly show our loved ones that they are the most important people to us, and shame on us all if we only show them this one time a year.

Let’s take advantage of the day set aside for love and friendship. How about starting off with an outward display of emotion? A hug. A kiss. A “Honey, I love you.”

Slipping little notes into our partner’s and/or children’s lunchboxes, backpacks, briefcases, or coat pockets is a simple way to add an extra smile to their day. It is always good to be reminded that you are loved.

Last year, according to Consumer Reports, on Valentine’s Day, couples spent $1.7 billion on flowers, $3.5 billion on jewelry, and $3.4 billion on dining out.

Men spent about $160 on their valentine. Women spent close to $75 on theirs.

Flowers, dinner, and jewelry are good, but one does not need to spend a zealous amount, or any, in order to show their affection for a loved one.

Time spent together sharing, even at home, is time well-spent.

Order, or make a heart-shaped pizza, light a candle, and enjoy some strawberry milk shakes or smoothies.

Say three things you love about each other. It sounds sappy, but words of positivity from people who mean the most to us can be magic to the ears and heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

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