The splendor of spring
March 31, 2014
by Jenni Sebora

Within the past week, I have pleasantly observed two deer rummaging for food in the field behind our home, 11 turkeys on our property, and several robins in our backyard pecking for bird seed strewn on the ground from last summer and fall. All these dear animals are in search of some nourishment, now that some of the snow is actually giving way to ground underneath.

These are sure signs that spring is not only here on the calendar, but physically, as well.

Creatures are finally comfortable enough making their way out of the Alaskan tundra that we Minnesotans have been experiencing for what seems like forever.

Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers wrote a song about spring, “Spring is here.” The song begins with the question, “Why doesn’t my heart go dancing?”

Well, my heart does go dancing when spring is here. Those robins pecking for leftovers ignited a rendezvous of happy emotions for me. The regeneration of nature is here. Now, I can’t wait to see some buds on the trees and some tulips blooming, but I can’t get ahead of myself; I am happy with the robins, turkeys, and deer for now.

I may head over to the Como Conservatory, though, to enlighten my spring senses. The scents and visual display are really a sight for sore eyes (or even for not-sore eyes), and an aromatic gift to the nose. My birthday is in March, so our family has treated me to a visit there several times. They know what I like.

For a closer visual treat, I may just head to the local greenhouse. Step inside Holasek’s Greenhouse – Flower Power, and glory will appear.

I have asked the staff before if I could just bring in a lawn chair, a good book (it doesn’t even have to be good), and cup of tea and house myself right in some corner among the plants. I promised them I would not get in the way.

What a way to rejuvenate the mind and emotions. I think they do actually offer an evening where one can do just that. I am going to have to look into this. What would be better than to bask in the warmth, surrounded by color?

I love that the sunlight hours are lengthening. By the time your family is home and dinner is done, there is still daylight to enjoy with a walk or run, or to simply just enjoy.

My kids have been outside shooting baskets, hitting the volleyball around, and, of course, my youngest has retrieved her bike from the garage, removed the spider webs, and pedaled many rounds. The treats that each season lends itself to.

They are talking “per near” close to 60 degrees. Now, that may not be bathing suit weather, but a light-weight jacket, even short sleeves may be in order.

I am sure our youth will be wearing shorts, and maybe even flip-flops.

What a little sunshine and warmth can do for the soul!

It feels good to shed some of those layers of clothing, pent up energy, and maybe even some calories that get added during those cold winter months. Humans hibernate some, too, during the winter. Spring is an awakening for all of us.

The grill is coming out of hibernation, too. My favorite: potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, green and red peppers, and any other vegetables on hand, cut up, seasoned with some garlic, chives, pepper, seasoning salt, and topped with some chunks of butter (limited, of course), drizzled with some olive oil, wrapped in tin foil and put on the grill. This is a family favorite, and so simple.

Yep. Spring is here and all the senses are awakening, including taste. Enjoy the splendor of spring!

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